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Records, records, records

Thursday, December 21st, 2006


We have just had a record day in Nimsoft’s history, with more new business closing today than any other day. The record day is part of a record month which in turn is part of a record quarter.

Our European operations have been doing fabulously and the US is not far behind. From what I can remember, we have now completed 55 separate transactions in December alone and there is plenty of time left for more.

I would like to congratulate so many new customers of ours who have realized that the traditional large players in this space are rapidly becoming dinosaurs, having to eat others to survive and eventually facing extinction.

One Managed Service Provider in particular, who have a long standing and very positive relationship with IBM, realized that NimBUS was the correct solution for them, despite IBM doing everything they could to win the business.

Tomorrow is the final day before the Christmas holiday. Hopefully we will have most of our business complete so that we can spend next week relaxing somewhat with our families (although I think our CFO wants to finalize the 2007 budgets with me).

Merry Christmas

Acquisitions in IT Operations Management

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Came across this list of acquisitions in our space recently that might be of interest:

BMC Software
BGS, Boole and Babbage, Calendra, CoroSoft, DataTools, DGI, Evity, HawkNet, Identify Software, IT Masters, KMXperts, Magic Solutions, Marimba, New Dimension, Open Network, OptiSystems, OTL Software, PATROL, Perform S.A., Remedy, Silvain Faust, Simulus Limited, Viadyne

Adjoin, AI Ware, Apriori, Argis, Cheyene Software, Concord Communications, Control-F1, Cybermation, eSecurity Online, iLumin, InfoSec, Legent, MDY Group, Miramar, Netegrity, Netreon, Niku, Pest Patrol, PHD, Platinum Technology, Qurb, QXCOM,Silent Runner, Sterling Software, Tiny Software, XOsoft, Wily Technology

AppIQ, CodeArts, Consera, ManageX, Novadigm, OuterBay, Peregrine, RLX, SelectAccess, StoraqeApps, Talking Blocks, Trinagy, TruLogica, Trustgenix

Access/360, Candle, Collation, CIMS Lab, Cyanea, Dascom, DataPower, DBMX, Isogon, Meiosys, Micromuse, ThinkDynamics, Tivoli, TrelliSoft, Unison

Allerez, Appilog, BeatBox, Freshwater Software, Kintana, m-Test, Performant, Systinet, Tefensoft

AfterMail, Aelita, BB4 Technologies, FastLane, Foglight, Imceda, MBR Technologies, MessageWise,
OnWire Technologies, Qmaster, RevealNet, Sitraka, SQL Navigator, TOAD, Vintela, Wingra, Xaffire

@stake, 20/20 Software, Axent, Binary Research, BindView, Brightmail, Central Point Software, IMLogic, L-3 Network Security, LIRIC Associates, Mountain Wave, Nexlan, ON Technology, Platform Logic, PowerQuest, QuarterDeck, Recourse Technologies, Relicore, Riptech, SafeWeb, SecurityFocus, Sygate Technologies, TurnTide, URlabs, Veritas, WholeSecurity, XtreamLok

Note: HP’s list of acquired companies does not include the announced Mercury acquisition.

And a summary from a well known analyst firm on acquisitions….

Final Thoughts
…quantitatively demonstrate that there is a greater likelihood of failure than success (especially in the early stages of the acquisition) with acquisitions in the IT operations market. Failure in this context means that the expected benefits are not realized by the acquiring firm and that the customers of the acquired technology experience some form of dissatisfaction with support, continued innovation or other areas. We recommend clients examine the track records of past corporate acquisitions to determine whether or not the odds for success will be in their favor….

Interesting quote today in VARBusiness…

“We see acquisitions as a way to bring a quicker pace of innovation to our customers,” Al Zollar, general manager of IBM Tivoli Software says.

My UK trip

Saturday, December 9th, 2006

I had a very successful trip to the UK. Managed to see multiple customers, spend some time with the local sales and technical team and even get to spend some pre-Christmas time with my parents (and of course partake in the occasional beer in the local hostelry).

So far in 6 business days in December, Nimsoft has already completed 11 new customer contracts and that pace will only increase over the next few weeks. It has always amazed me how the speed and volume of orders increases at the “end of quarter” and “end of year” as customers try to negotiate for the best terms and obviously Nimsoft wants to close its fiscal quarters on a strong note.

On Thursday, I went to see three different prospective customers in London (avoiding the tornado that hit London). The diversity of these three companies highlighted to me the broadness of appeal of the NimBUS product. The first was a small, startup WiMAX company that is currently testing its services in a number of businesses around the UK – they are using NimBUS to manage the network and be alerted as potential problems occur. The second was a highly successful Managed Service Provider that is looking for a single Service Level Monitoring product to deploy across its entire customer base. The third was one of the largest banks in the world that has an IT budget of over $1 billion and is looking for a way of measuring the end-user performance of a new application that they are rolling out globally.

From small to very large, from network monitoring to application monitoring to service level monitoring and from WiMAX to MSP to Financial Services.

But, there is a common theme. Customers are looking for solutions that are easy to deploy and use, where they can gain a rapid return on their investment.

It may seem slightly crazy at this point, but I believe that the traditional big four vendors, that provide overly complex, over-engineered, over-priced collections of products will struggle over the next few years without a radical change of strategy. We can already see some of that starting to happen as companies like Nimsoft begin to nibble away at their market.

Back in Bay Area this week and my children’s Christmas performance at their school. My son is an elf and my daughter a reindeer – joy.

The next stage

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Four years ago Nimsoft (under the name of Converse Software) commenced business in the US. We started with an office that was no more than 150 square feet and we had initially two people (Paul Rowe and myself) and then added one more (Dan Birck) in this space. Needless to say, we got to know each other very well!

Since then we have moved office twice and today we are proudly in our new 8,000 sq ft home in Redwood Shores. If we walk out of our front door, we pretty much walk into the lobby of Electronic Arts – the largest video game software company in the world. If we look out of the window, we see the headquarters of Oracle. Motivation indeed for us to continue on our growth path.

We have so many good things going on at Nimsoft. Our recent Nfluence User Conferences were extremely well attended and we saw amazing presentations from 5 separate Nimsoft customers. The new product release is going well and we will be announcing some pretty significant corporate updates in the next few weeks.

I’m off the the UK tomorrow to meet more customers, so I’ll be able to enjoy our new offices for all of about 10 hours.

And finally, what are my kids getting for Christmas? Remember they already have the iPods…..

Nintendo DS, one black and one white – “I need the one with the double screen dad”.

Joy of joys.