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Busy few weeks

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

I’ve been so busy these last few weeks. We started the year with our European Sales Training week (we invest in training our reps and our tech team every quarter), then the following week was back to California for US Sales Training, together with the Product Council meeting, the management team meeting, our board meeting (the first one with our new board members) and last but certainly not least, a strategy meeting with one of our largest customers worldwide.

Next week, our top sales and tech folks are off to Cancun for the President’s Club trip and then following that I am on a press and analyst tour of the East Coast to launch our exciting new products.

Business continues to be excellent and I am more and more convinced that what we are witnessing (and Nimsoft is leading), is a whole new generation of Enterprise Management solutions which is rendering the traditional products as legacy. I am starting to use the term “Enterprise Management 2.0″ internally, because I believe that over the next few years, we will start to see widespread adoption of these types of products that will make the last 15 years seem like a rehearsal.

It’s interesting to see an article on BMC Software in Investors Business Daily this week where they state that their distributed systems management revenue has declined from 45% of their business in 2003 to just 30% today. Over the same period their mainframe revenue has gone from 45% to 34%. Amazing! Patrol customers are deserting BMC faster than the mainframe customers – even though spending on distributed systems in the same time frame has exploded and mainframe spending is stagnant. Would you buy Patrol with those numbers?

Oh well…it’s not for us to worry about our competitors but instead for us to continue to do what we do and do it better than anyone else. Talking of which, final comment for today…..

A customer called me on Friday and complained about a problem with our support. I thought I’d mention this to show that we’re not perfect even though I cannot remember the last time that I got a direct complaint. It turns out that in reality it was a communication issue – the support team had written something into the case that was interpreted differently by the customer than the team had meant. By Friday night our European technical manager had spoken directly to the customer and I received an email back from them saying that all was OK. Just goes to show – no matter how hard you try it’s difficult to be perfect. But, when problems creep in, it’s how you deal with them that counts.

That’s it for now – next blog from either Mexico in 82 degree weather (feels like 88) or Boston in 21 degrees (feels like 12).

Press coverage – spot on!

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

We’ve had a ton of coverage since announcing the VC investment into Nimsoft. Great articles in Network World, SF Biz Times, San Jose Mercury News and others and a nice analyst piece by The 451. We were even referenced by the New York Times web site last week.

We were also in the print edition of the Red Herring this week and I’m going to borrow the last paragraph of the well written article because it sums up my thoughts as follows:

Still, Nimsoft has to hustle in a marketplace dominated by titans like Hewlett-Packard, IBM, CA, and BMC. “As a small company, you can’t win against the industry giants unless you outservice them every step of the way,” Mr. Read says.

As soon as we have the reprint rights, we’ll publish them on to the web site.

Another customer email…

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

We’ve had many, many customers emailing us yesterday and today after we announced our VC funding, congratulating us on this major step for Nimsoft.

One of my personal favorites…

That’s great, Gary. You guys have a very good product and it is getting better all the time with all of the new additions. I don’t know what your long term strategy is, but hopefully you won’t get bought by a big company that will screw things up!

Onwards and upwards…full speed ahead!

A new year and another acquisition

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Yesterday, Compuware announced that they would acquire Proxima Technologies for $31m. In case you don’t know, Proxima provided a Business Service Management solution that competed with companies such as Managed Objects.

I remember Proxima from many years ago when I was running marketing for Patrol at BMC. Proxima started life providing add-on components to Patrol and grew up into a BSM tool. They have a number of customers, normally very high end, multi-year projects. I believe that they have a very large business with EDS from what I know.

This signals a further reduction in choices for customers, but is also further evidence that the big guys simply lack innovation and have to acquire their way to new product areas. Congratulations to Steve and the Proxima team – let’s hope Compuware is a good home for the product and their customers.

The New Year has begun

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Well, even though I’m not back at work this week (the joy of private schools that insist on scheduling the children’s holiday different from the public schools), it seems as though 2007 has started in the same manner that 2006 ended.

From a business perspective, things could not have been better in Q4. We had a record quarter by a very large amount, had many new customers come on board, and had two very significant new customer orders that are among the largest in our history and completed a strategic business relationship that I am not allowed to talk about until next week.

Our top few sales reps and technical guys get to go to Cancun at the end of January on the Nimsoft President’s Club (the benefit of being a vendor) but the other side of that coin is that we had a few non-performers leave the company at the end of the quarter as well. That’s always a tough one, but it comes down to the fact that far too many customers and other employees are dependant on the ongoing success of Nimsoft that we have to make the tough decisions. I always strive for maximum quality and performance in everything that we do, and that means that Nimsoft is not the right place for everyone to work, but sure is great if you are an achiever.

Anyway, as we start 2007 (we have already 6 deals on the board in January), we are looking for new talent across the board. Sales, SEs, marketing, operations and of course developers in Oslo. Recruiting is a major undertaking when you are such a fast growing company and is made much harder by the insistence on keeping the quality high. I’m off to the UK again for next week for sales/se training.

Happy New Year everyone.