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The glamorous life of a CEO

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

What a fun day. I left the office at 2pm California time on Monday and finally arrived into Oslo airport at 5pm on Tuesday.

But, just to “twist the knife”, I then waited about 1.5 hours for my luggage. Seems to pale into comparison to the JetBlue experience from the other week, but even so, I’m sure steam was seen coming from my ears.

The rest of this week is spent in product direction meetings, a board meeting tomorrow, a key customer call on Thursday and an interview for a European Southern Regional Manager at Heathrow airport on Friday morning before catching a plane back to San Francisco.

Weather right now in Oslo is 28 F (feels like 22F) with light snow falling and lots of snow on the ground.

Yep – it’s freezing.

Google Apps

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Figured that everyone else was talking about them, so why not me?

Thinking about whether this impacts our business….for us this is not about Google Apps versus Office – I’m not sure that I know of too many people that are willing to go to a 100% offline model for Word Processing etc. Even the flag bearer of SaaS, has an “offline edition” so that users can access the critical parts of the application when the network is not available – basically anyone that has to travel.

But…what about Exchange? Why would users still need to buy a hosted exchange service when they could use Gmail with their own mail domain? Outlook works perfectly well against Gmail, so, apart from calendar sharing (of which we use anyhow) why do I need Exchange?

At this point, Nimsoft is just about to sign a contract for a service provider to host our Exchange solution – the 3 year cost will be about $250,000 compared to Gmail for 3 years which would be about $20,000.

So, I’m going to ask our IT manager to tell me where the extra $230,000 of value is in Exchange compared to premier Gmail? Maybe it is there but I need someone to educate me.

Can someone help?

Great coverage

Friday, February 16th, 2007

The press tour was a wonderful success. Big articles in Network World and eWeek.

Our customer was quoted as saying That feature is “awesome,” according to user Tim Lambrecht, CEO of InCompass IT, an MSP in St Paul, Minn

Anyone heard the word awesome used to describe monitoring tools before? Our customers are passionate about what we do – and so are we!

New release being announced tomorrow

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

At the risk of stealing our own thunder, Nimsoft will announce GA of the latest release of NimBUS tomorrow. Branded as the Winter 2007 release (under the covers it is v3.3.5 plus other parts) it contains many exciting features that I’ll leave to the press release and web site to describe. It also contains the “agentless” server monitoring solution which will give options to customers that do not want to install any software on the servers being monitored.

Last week was spent on the East Coast, mainly New York and Boston and boy, was it cold! We did numerous analyst and press meetings and I was encouraged to hear a very prominent analyst that I respect immensely tell me that “Nimsoft is THE alternative, and that’s a great place to be right now with all the big four struggling with many issues”.

Continuing the acquisition theme, HP acquired Bristol Technologies last week (I guess the HP and Mercury response time monitoring solutions were not enough) and of course Symantec announced the acquisition of Altiris. There are many rumors circulating right now about who’s next? Some suggest that Symantec may be being looked at by Oracle or HP, but the bottom line is that there are really very few mid size players left standing in this market right now.

All of this creates more opportunity for Nimsoft but we will continue to focus on what we do best….produce a high quality and highly functional product and combine it with unparalleled customer support.

I get to spend some time at home base for the next week or two which is most welcome – too much time in airports and hotels recently.

Finally, we signed our lease on the New York office last week and already have our two first New York based employees. We’re looking for more so if anyone knows either sales or systems engineers send them our way.