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Another acquisition

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

BMC announced today that they are acquiring ProActivenet. From what I know of ProActivenet, they are a good company that has been around for quite a while.

But, they have struggled somewhat to find a niche and have had to take a lot of VC investment as, from what I understand, their business has been inconsistent. Maybe BMC is a good home for them.

I very nearly joined them many years ago, spending a lot of time interviewing with their CEO, Ajay Singh. He is an extremely accomplished and pleasant individual and I wish him and his entire team best of luck.

Meanwhile, I guess this is just another product for BMC customers to understand and make sense of where it fits.

PS For ProactiveNet employees…..Nimsoft has lots of vacancies in all areas. Come on up the Peninsula and join us – we’re much more fun than BMC! :)


Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Quick question – anyone notice the similarity in this:

NetIQ press release – March 27th
“Zero-touch” remote deployment of agents and Knowledge Scripts?, eliminating manual installation and upgrade.

Nimsoft press release – February 12th

No Touch NimBUS delivers on the next stage of the Nimsoft vision of having a completely zero administration SLM solution.

Oh well…it is well known that imitation is the best form of flattery. I’d like to thank NetIQ for the compliment and realizing that Nimsoft is rapidly becoming the new leader in this market.

VMWare and virtual server pricing

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

We have a lot of discussion about pricing for VMWare or other virtualized environments – probably the same as most other software companies.

By way of background, Nimsoft provides a very complete monitoring solution for VMWare. We can interface with Virtual Center and pull the information out, but we also provide agent-based monitoring on the virtual machines themselves and we also have the ability to bypass Virtual Center if the customer does not wish to license VC and have access to all the same information.

Anyhow, on to pricing….

There are a couple of ways to price a product like ours for server monitoring. We could price:

a) Per instance of the operating system
b) Per the size of the physical server (including # of processors etc)

We have always chosen to price per OS rather than on the size of the server itself. Our feeling has always been that customers really dislike having to count the number of processors in each server and license on a per processor basis. This gets even more confusing with the advent of multi-core processors (dual today and quad coming) ? I believe that Oracle are pricing on a ?per core? basis.

For us, we have been prepared to ?leave money on the table? in return for simplified customer administration. Excellent customer satisfaction is always top of the agenda.

Some tell us that our pricing should be lower or free for virtual server machine monitoring compared to physical server monitoring. Our software is doing exactly the same job, providing exactly the same (if not more) value and running on exactly the same operating system whether it is a virtual or a physical server ? so I find that argument to be difficult to understand fully.

Of course, this is a view that is perpetuated by VMWare themselves as it provides a greater ROI on the VMWare investment (although it?s interesting to see that VMWare charge based on # of processors and limit their licenses to quad-core). ***Thanks to Eric Miller at Genesis Multimedia Solutions who helped me correct a previous post on this***

So, we feel our pricing is fair and is customer friendly. As with anything, we are always open to discuss other pricing models with our customers and if we need to change things then we will.

Nimsoft customer in the news

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

I saw one of our customers had commented on the article that Mike Vizard at eWeek had published as follows….

“I liked Nimbus so much I bought the software…” 5/2/2007 9:57:35 PM

Good column Michael. As you know Alvaka has used more management tools commercially than most people can name. Nimsoft is the winner for us hands down.

I agree that “only providing rudimentary remote monitoring services as the core element” managed service is very limiting and often of little value to clients. That is why we like Nimsoft so much. It provides us an opportunity to provide so much more value to our clients. The Nimbus software affords us to manage the complete user experience and not just monitor a few meaningless server performance statistics.

Oli Thordarson
Alvaka Networks

The full article can be seen here

Amazing Managed Service Provider videos

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

This may be a shameless plug, but we are in the middle of our “Best Practices in Managed Services” seminar series and so far it’s going incredibly well with feedback being that this is a wonderful educational exercise for up and coming MSPs.

Our customers are so passionate about what we are doing for and with them that several of them are now starring in their very own videos.

Berbee (part of CDW) are one of the leading MSPs in the Mid-west if not the country – you can see what they have to say here.

Alvaka Networks are based in Southern California and have a tremendous reputation with their customers. You can see what their CEO has to say here.

And finally, Charles Weaver, President of the independent industry association the “MSPAlliance”, talks about Managed Services here.

Thanks to each of these individuals for taking the time to do this. For all of our other customers that have requested to do the same….watch this space….our video crew will be out with you soon.

Great mention by Mike Vizard in Channel Insider this week as well.