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End of quarter again?

Monday, June 25th, 2007

We are deep in to our end of quarter. It continues to amaze me quite how much business we get done in the last week of every quarter. We will do more this week than for the previous 12 weeks combined.

Today also happens to be my birthday (clearly my parents didn’t understand end of quarter sales issues) and it’s the big one…..the big four oh! We ate lots of English food yesterday in celebration….sausage rolls, pickled onions, pork pies….much to the amusement of my American friends (but actually they all liked the food).

Back to bizness, there was a great paper published by Gartner recently that talks about the pros and cons of agent-based monitoring versus non-agent based monitoring and concludes that, for most environments a combination is the best approach. I will pull out some extracts from the paper and put them on this blog next time.

There is also a good article from The 451 Group, that discusses how it is likely that the Open Source players in our space will likely get swallowed up by the big-four….much like Big Brother did by Quest several years ago. That’s a big warning bell for anyone thinking of investing in Open Source for Systems/Network Monitoring….you are very vulnerable.

Gotta run….