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Crazy and amazing things

Friday, August 31st, 2007

For anyone that is interested….the minute we left England it started raining. I’ll be going back over soon so hopefully I’ll take some California sunshine with me again.

What’s been happening in my worlds? So much that I lose track.

First, I’m exicted that Nimsoft that has just been announced by Inc. magazine as the 49th fastest growing software company in the US. Very proud of this achievement for the incredible team that we have but….I think everyone will be amazed at what will happen over the next few years.

Second, we continue to get great customer traction. Many new customers signed up in the last couple of months and we are about to start the “last month of the quarter” when the action really heats up (and my home life really suffers). Big name companies as well as medium businesses – everyone loves Nimsoft.

Third, it was my kids birthday a couple of weeks ago (Roller Blades and Wii games in case you wanted to know) and they start back at school next week (2nd grade – time flies).

Fourth, having work done on my house right now – looks good but getting fed up with contractors everywhere.

And finally, we are moving close to launching some major new initiatives for the company around areas that are going to pretty key for future IT infrastructures. Very exciting, lots of work for everyone around here but customers are going to really enjoy what we are doing.

More soon…

Vive la Difference

Monday, August 6th, 2007

In England again and guess what? It hasn’t stopped being sunny and warm since I arrived. London in the sunshine is amazing.

I’m sure everyone knows about the HP acquisition of Opsware by now – huge price. Interesting quote from the head of HP Software the other day…

?There are companies who have pieces of the puzzle.We believe we are the leading and arguably the only company who has assembled all the necessary pieces. We want to link different pieces of puzzle to provide a coordinated holistic view. This separates us from dozens of other competitors cobbling together parts.?

As the French would say, Vive la Difference (special prize to anyone that can tell me the difference between “assembling the pieces from multiple acquisitions and linking them together” and “cobbling together parts”).

Excited at new people coming on board

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Our PR people are probably going to complain to me again for leaking news, but I’m excited at the things going on in Nimsoft right now.

Over the last 3 months, we have hired a new leader for our team of Territory Development Reps and we have hired 5 new Corporate Account Reps into the team in California (we will be looking for office space again soon).

Next week, we have a new leader of our Corporate Account Reps joining us and…..

On Tuesday, we have a brand new VP Marketing joining us as well. We are just opening a small office in Chicago to add to our Corporate HQ in Redwood Shores and office in New York.

The 451 group issued an updated report on Nimsoft last week discussing our latest product for VMWare Service Level Management. An extract….

This and its recent support for clustered Exchange environments show Nimsoft’s interest in winning larger enterprise deals. Though its success has been mostly in the midmarket and the managed service provider (MSP) space to date, this is a company that has yet to have a problem with execution.

I am so pleased that someone recognizes what we are achieving. Nimsoft is growing very rapidly, adding people, customers, products etc and yet we continue to drive this business with excellent execution. All down to the quality of our employees and their passion and belief in what we are doing.