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Announcements coming…

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Nimsoft will announce a new VP of EMEA at the start of October. Unfortunately I cannot reveal who this is just yet as they are still under contract with their current employer but I can tell you that I am just so excited. We have attracted what I consider to be an absolute rock star that will compliment our existing VP Sales in the US (Ed Sterbenc) very well. Comes from a big-four competitor and excited to be a huge part of the continuing Nimsoft success story.

Hope you’ve seen the press release about our astounding growth reported by Inc. Magazine – 500 percent growth in 3 years…not bad…but this is just the start. We are THE company to watch in this space.

Already September is lining up to be an incredible month for us. We have over 200 transactions that we are currently tracking that have a chance to close in September but most importantly, the product continues to advance at an incredible rate and our customer satisfaction remains the envy of the industry.

The product announcements that are coming in a couple of months will set a new standard for every competitor to aspire to.

Sorry if this blog sounds like a glorified marketing message but I am so buzzed by what is going on. We continue to prove that a quality product that delivers on its promises coupled with unrivalled customer satisfaction and a customer friendly pricing methodology will win.