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Why are you here?

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Yesterday, I flew on the red-eye to the East Coast, got changed in the bathrooms at the airport and then got into a long taxi ride, all to visit with one prospective customer. The customer opened the meeting by asking us “Why have you flown all the way here to see me?”

It was actually the first time I had been asked that question in such a direct manner but to me, the answer was obvious…..because we want to win your business and we are committed to our customers. Doesn’t everyone do that? And then it became clear….no, everyone does not do that. No, the CEO of most companies would not do that and no, most companies do not have the commitment to customer success that Nimsoft has.

The rest of the meeting went very well and now we have to prove to this company that we can do what we say we can do. Meanwhile, my journey home was an absolute nightmare travel-wise (oh how I wish for simpler air travel) but I was happy knowing that my time was very well spent.

Something's in the Air….

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Yes, I LOVE my Macbook air. First day in the office with it yesterday and plenty of oohs and aahs from everyone that saw it. I have it running VMWare Fusion, with XP, Office and am using the Mac apps simultaneously with the Windows apps – works like a dream and Windows hasn’t crashed once (better than running native on the thinkpad so far). Now…if only could get rid of office…….dream……..

Anyhow, something is definitely in the air at Nimsoft….unfortunately I cannot reveal details yet but coming soon are a couple of major announcements – probably in the next 6 weeks or so. Our customers will love what we are doing and the industry will take notice. We are gradually, one customer at a time changing this business with happy customers.

By the way, I had a customer email me yesterday saying they were having some problems – the first line of their email was “sorry to bother you with this”. Are you kidding me? If any of our customers is not happy with our support, service and product then I want to know about it and we will resolve it immediately. It’s not a bother – it’s my passion.

Our support director and SE director have already spoken to this customer and, by the time that I go back for an update next week, I expect them to be very satisfied.

People don’t believe us…..but we are serious about this stuff.

Air and MSPs

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

First…I bought a MacBook Air today (writing this on it). It’s cool….I’m a sucker for cool. Loving it so far

Second, very happy to be on the vendor advisory board of the MSPAlliance. We first joined the MSPAlliance when they had about 20 members and we were 2 person company in the US. Now they have over 5,000 members.

But, what I really like about the MSPAlliance is that they are independent.

Has anyone seen the marketing that the other organization…MSPPartners are doing? Well, MSPPartners is owned by Level Platforms, one of the low end vendors in this space. They claim to be independent but meanwhile are owned and operated by a vendor….hmm…questionable?