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Here again…

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Yes…it’s the last day of the quarter today. We have a lot of business that will happen today – it’s great but it’s stressful – who ever invented quarterly based reporting?

We are also counting down to our announcement….8 days left…..I hope all the marketing people are ready (I know they are really).

More action in this space

Monday, March 24th, 2008

An interesting week last week. BMC putting their hands in their pockets to the tune of $800m to acquire Bladelogic. Kind of a shame really because I thought that Bladelogic were competing very effectively with HP/Opsware and it looked like they could stay independent and grow. One silver lining for me is that I owned stock in Bladelogic so at least that was good.

By the way, I don’t consider myself a stock tipping expert at all, but I have done OK by buying stock in systems management companies that I believe are destined to be acquired. The latest one that I *may* buy would be Quest Software…..if their CEO continues with his SEC problems and is forced to leave the company, I would suspect that they would sell the business, much like what happened to Mercury Interactive a while back.

Anyhow, the other item that happened last week was SolarWinds filed to go public. Their business model is just incredible – they spend a really low amount on any R&D activities and sales activities and as such, make a huge profit. Really in the “stack it high and sell it cheap” business – and they do a very good job of executing. Watch for that IPO, it’s going to get a very large market value.

1 more week in the quarter and lots more business for us to do. It’s that time again….


Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

Wanted to wish anyone that reads this blog and that celebrates Easter, a happy one.

Unfortunately a sad one for myself as I found out that a dear friend of mine that was a truly amazing individual has passed away.

My thoughts are with his family.


Blogging on blogging

Friday, March 14th, 2008

I’m really feeling flattered this last week.

First Joe Panettieri at MSPmentor compliments this blog. Check it out here

Then, it also got picked up by Ryan Shopp at IT Knowledge Exchange here

Kind of amazing because I really have no idea what blogs are meant to be. I’ve never read a book on it and this blog is purely my thoughts. I talk about Nimsoft because I’m excited about what we are doing and passionate about this space but Joe has it spot on; it’s not controlled by marketing (sometimes they get frustrated with me talking about news before they officially release it) or anyone else. Sometimes being the CEO has its benefits.

But, I do notice that pretty much anyone that interviews with us has read the blog. I hope it gives people a good sense for who I am, who Nimsoft is and the culture of the company.

Time to go…

PS I was on a plane yesterday, got the MacBook Air out to do some work, and the lady next to me oohed and ahhed. Turns out that she worked for Apple but had never seen an Air close up. Is this really a laptop that I’m talking about.

I can't wait….

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

We have some huge news cooking. It’s news that our employees and customers and partners will love, but unfortunately news that our competitors will hate. But that brings up the question of who are Nimsoft’s competitors?

We think of the market as having 4 tiers…

1st – the Big Four (BMC, HP, IBM, CA) – they actually capture about 65% of all the spend in the performance and availability monitoring space. Probably should add Microsoft into this tier – not a very broad soution but they’ve got the scale. Does size matter?

2nd – The Challengers. Companies that are established and successful – knocking on the door of the big four.

3rd – Point solutions – there are tons of them. Most of them take an open source tool, wrap some code around it and call themselves a software company.

4th – Open source itself – an important part of the market, but not one that we think that large companies will bet their infrastructure on.

So…who do we compete with? Well, in most cases we are competing with the Big Four. Nimsoft is well and truly in the Challenger tier, and probably joined in that tier by companies like NetIQ (Attachmate), Smarts (EMC), Quest but almost nobody else. Most other providers are in the Point solution category and I expect the majority of those companies to fail within the next few years. I recently heard that Groundworks had some pretty major layoffs….true or not?

We’re in to our quarter end at the moment, but this year we have Easter to contend with as well. Clearly the Easter Bunny does not have a quarterly quota to meet :)

New release hitting the streets

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Yep….NimBUS 3.5 is officially shipping….lots of new stuff in there for customers.

Also….did you see our VIrtualization updates last week? Good press coverage as we extend our market leadership position in the monitoring of VMWare and other virtualized environments.

More new stuff in the queue – we cannot get it out of the door fast enough and….

Major announcements coming in April….very exciting…watch this space..