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Feels like forever..

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

since I’ve added to the blog, but it’s not of course. Continue to be really busy and business continues to move along nicely.

I presented at the JMP Securities conference yesterday (leading investment bank) which went very well. I also found out that Nimsoft was named to the JMP Securities “HOT 100″ private software companies list…..still trying to get a copy of the report but I’m sure I’ll manage to do so.

It was interesting also to me that, of the companies that were presenting over the couple of days of the conference – 8 of them were our customers. This really shows how far we have come – I’m sure a couple of years ago it would have been just 1, or maybe not even that.

NimBUS 3.5 is in general availability and our brand new Service Delivery Portal is in beta. The SDP is getting our customers and prospects very excited – in particular MSPs but also end-users. If you haven’t already, then ask us for a demo.

Big issue for me right now is recruitment….where are all the good people? I’m going to list some positions just in case anyone is reading this blog – we pay $1,000 for a referral that leads to a hire – so send to your friends.

VP Sales – Americas
Dir/VP Eastern Region Sales
Multiple Field Sales positions, and inside sales positions both in the US and Europe
MSP specialist Account Manager
SE Director
Sales Operations

I think you get the picture. I’m thinking of hiring an in-house recruiter simply to help us deal with the growth and the constant hiring treadmill.

HP acquires EDS

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Big deal…almost as big as Compaq…you’ve got to hand it to HP, they are aggressively going after acquisitions. I wonder how much this was driven by some of the relationships between the Opsware folks and EDS?

Although, some of my friends over at HP are telling me that their software business is not performing too well.

Not sure this means much for Nimsoft apart from that HP are going to be completely distracted again for the next 2 years.

I’d also wonder what this means to anyone that competes with EDS for outsourcing business….personally I wouldn’t want to be investing in systems management software from a direct competitor. Sounds like Nimsoft needs to have a plan to help those companies out?