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Calling all MSPs that are in growth mode

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Anyone checked out the MSPmentor list of top 100 MSPs

Guess what? We have signed 2 of the top 10 MSPs on that list as brand new customers in the last few weeks. In both cases we replaced other solutions. More info later as we get permission to reference their names.

Our MSP business is as strong as ever (more so), and, 2 days before the end of the quarter, Nimsoft continues to be incredibly successful. I “think” Friday was our most successful day ever in our history.

The economy sucks but that makes it even more important to gain rapid value from investments.

More awards

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Oops, our marketing guys are going to hate me again, but we’ve just won an award for being one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. We’re not sure where we ranked yet, need to attend a dinner to find that out. Then we can issue a press release.

But…can you imagine that….we are in an area dominated by fast growing tech and bio-tech companies and Nimsoft is in the top-50!!!

Huge thank you to our customers, partners and employees for making this happen.

By the way….anyone that reads this….we are hiring and have lots of open positions.

What we live by….

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Over the weekend two surprising events happened in sports. The Patriots, the most dominant team in American Football over the last several seasons got thrashed by the worst team. For the Europeans, think about Manchester United getting beaten 5-0 by Leyton Orient.

Also, the highly fancied and stronger European Ryder cup team got well beaten by the Americans.

Interesting watching the post-match interviews….in both cases representatives of the losing teams made the same statement about the victors ?they wanted it more, simple as that!?

Lessons for us all…..winning takes many characteristics but most importantly it is about the will and the desire to win. That is why Nimsoft is such a tremendous company and why we beat competitors that, have far greater resources available to them.

The will to win is irresistible ? if you have it then you will win.

We LOVE our customers, their success with our product is personal for us, and our customers see, feel and witness that.

VMware Announces VMware Ready Program for Management Solutions

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Well, Nimsoft was a day late and a dollar short to get included in the announcement from VMWorld today (even we can’t be perfect you know).

But, suffice it to say that we will be moving immediately to get our solutions certified as part of the new VMware Ready Program. We’ve already submitted the forms so we should be able to get this done pretty quickly.

Funny really, we’re probably one of the most widely used products for monitoring/mgmt of the VMware environment – just need to be quicker on the mark from a marketing perspective.

Next time…

All about me

Monday, September 8th, 2008

The following article just appeared in the San Francisco Business Times – it could be a little embarrassing in certain areas but then again, it’s not like I’m a politician or something. Have fun…

Friday, September 5, 2008
Gary Read

Co-founder, president and CEO, Nimsoft
San Francisco Business Times

HQ: Redwood City.
2007 revenue: $35 million.
Employees: 165.
Founded: 2002.
Source of startup capital: Personal savings and, in 2007, $10.3 million from JMI Equity and Northzone Ventures.
Background: Born and raised in a suburb of London. Worked a paper route to buy first computer, graduated from high school and started as a programmer for Mastercard. After a series of IT jobs, including stints at Riversoft and BMC, founded Converse Software in 2002, which merged with Nimbus Software in 2004 to form Nimsoft.
Age: 41.
Residence: Los Gatos.
Web site:
What it does: IT infrastructure monitoring.
Big picture

Reason for starting business: I?ve always wanted to start my own business.
Biggest plus of ownership: To be able to build something I can be proud of, but also to have control over things.
Biggest drawback: Stress. I take personally the success of the company.
Biggest misconception: Once you?ve got the business to a certain level, people automatically think you suddenly become very wealthy and work less. It?s quite the reverse.
Biggest business strength: We have a hard work ethic.
Biggest business weakness: I really don?t know how to acknowledge my own limitations.
Biggest risk: Buying Indicative Software in April. We?ve never done an acquisition before, and it?s complicated, but it has gone well.
Biggest mistake: I?ve made some pretty big mistakes in people I?ve hired; it sets you back.
Smartest move: Making the decision to merge with Nimbus and the selection of our investors ? it?s been tremendous.
Biggest worry: Used to be meeting payroll. Maintaining focus as we get larger is what we?re working on now.
Top source of inspiration: Many things. But I?m a very self-motivated person.
Daily routine

Most challenging task: Keeping everyone on the same page.
Favorite task: Talking to and visiting customers. It?s the best thing.
Least favorite task: Firing people. It?s probably the worst thing.
Biggest frustration: There?s always more that you can do. You can never do everything you want.
Source of support in a business crisis: It can be lonely being CEO, but friends and former colleagues listen and give me advice.

Key goal yet to achieve: I?d like Nimsoft to be publicly traded.
First move with capital windfall: I love cars, so I?d probably buy a new Aston Martin.
Five-year plan: To grow dramatically and become the leading company in the industry.
Inducement to sell: I don?t think it?s going to happen anytime soon.
First choice for new career or venture: I have a ton of ideas for new businesses, it?s all about building something.

Most-admired entrepreneur: (Virgin founder) Richard Branson, of course.
Most interested in meeting: I?m boring, but I?d like to meet Steve Jobs.
Stress reducers: Running, it?s good thinking time.
Favorite pastimes: I have three kids.
Favorite book: Classic English reads like Thomas Harding or Jane Austen.
Favorite films: (Anything with) James Bond.
Favorite restaurant: (Anyplace) with nachos.
Favorite destination: Best city in the world is London, only when the weather is good.
What?s on my iPod: A lot of high-energy dance music, it gets me going.
What I Drive: A 2006 gold Prius.

?Tony C. Yang