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One more day to go…..

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Isn’t it amazing? So many pieces of business come down to the last day (i.e. tomorrow – New Year’s Eve). Just like in the transfer market/free agent deadline in sports – everyone talks about it and negotiates for a long time, then we all rush to get it all done in the last 24 hours.

Fortunately, Nimsoft has managed to largely avoid the ‘last second’ rush this quarter. We’ve got almost all of the business done but, even so, we still have about 12 separate transactions that we are expecting tomorrow.

We are also doing our purchasing at the same time. We have to decide tomorrow whether to continue with Webex or Citrix for our online web conferencing – it’s a close call, they can both do the job and both are highly respected companies.

We also invested in some new source control products today for our development organization – we decided to go with Accurev. This was also a close call but ultimately our development team felt that this was the best fit for us. I know that our engineers really wanted and needed this, so we made the investment today.

We’ve got the sales and technical teams coming together in a couple of weeks time for training. This is absolutely critical for us. We continue to strive to have the best and most highly respected sales and technical organizations in the business so regular training is a highly important part of that process for us.

What else? Going to the mountains some time tomorrow as soon as we’ve finished for the year – hoping to get off work a little early so that I can beat the traffic. Ski-ing until Sunday and then back to do the sales/technical meeting.

And finally, yes, we will be training our team on our new “BSM” offerings in a couple of weeks. Not sure about our plans for announcing this publicly – we will probably drip it out rather than big bang it. Sort of seems inappropriate to “big bang” anything at the moment when so many companies worldwide are struggling and individuals are losing their jobs although this is a big cost reducer.

Not sure I’ll be doing too much blogging from the mountains but, for anyone that is interested, I am an absolutely terrible skier so I’m just hoping to return with myself and my entire family in one piece.

Happy New Year


Christmas week

Friday, December 26th, 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday with the kids. They couldn’t get off of Guitar Hero – the three kids on guitar, drums and mic was lots of fun.

As for me, well Santa brought me a Garmin GPS watch. Pretty clever stuff – it records when you go running and then wirelessly uploads it to the web and tells you how far, how many calories, the route that you ran etc. GPS in a watch. (Thanks to Mark Rivington for showing me this).

Business wise things have been very good. We have already signed a record number of new logo customers this quarter, surpassing our largest ever number that we set last quarter. We are also very close to our record bookings for the quarter as well. We have a lot more business that’s still available to us – could be a busy few days next week – we’re hoping to surpass all previous records, but we need a strong finish.

What about the economy? Well, definitely we’ve had business delayed – no doubt about that. But, from talking to many CEOs and advisors, everyone is saying that Q1 2009 is the first quarter of the “new” economy and nobody quite knows what to expect. Our business is very strong, and our sales funnels moving in to next year are very strong as well so I believe that we are well positioned.

Need to run – got to get ready for dinner tonight. Adult time….ahhhhhh

Last week

Friday, December 19th, 2008

We are looking for a new PR agency at the moment – met with one of the two finalists today. The other one next week I think. More about that another time…can’t let them know how they did just yet.

I also met with four company CEOs during the week that could be excellent partners for Nimsoft – each of them providing value-added but complimentary solutions to our core products. We obviously can’t do them all, so I think we’ll go and talk to some of our customers and see what they are interested in as their priorities

We won a large brand name customer in Europe today – I don’t normally mention individual wins, but this one is one of the largest brand name companies in the world. Competed with those folks over at HP (although HP letting go their entire Inside Sales team half way through the evaluation probably didn’t help – (I think that unless you are a “strategic account” – HP Software now push you to a channel partner whether you like it or not)

We also secured business with several new MSPs this week as well.

From the product side…..BSM, BSM, BSM…..the jungle drums are beating……coming soon……watch this space…..saw some of the pieces this morning…..

And….brand new version of our Nimsoft Server is just about to enter beta. Some pretty cool new functionality including dynamic thresholding and baselining – nice!

Better run


Thursday, December 18th, 2008

We are so, so busy. Lots of business being done this week – I think we may be breaking some records but I don’t have time to look.

Just got a large piece of business with a leading financial institution (yes they are still spending), and another with a leading nationwide retailer. Had a great customer in Germany sign up earlier today, and several more in Scandinavia. Multiple new MSPs over the last couple of days as well.

The environment is tough, not making any bones about that. We just had one piece of business where we were selected, negotiated, fully through legal and contracts and at the 11th hour, someone put a freeze on the budget. And this is a F500 company!

It’s at times like this that my head spins. I think about when this was a company that operated out of a single room in Burlingame with us taking it in turns to get each other coffee. And yet now, we appear to have sales executives, technical representatives and executives on planes everywhere.

We just had our first customer in Malaysia (an MSP) earlier this week as well as our Asian customer base grows.

Geez – what shall I get my girlfriend/partner for Christmas….she wants diamond earrings….anyone noticed that the price of diamonds doesn’t seem to be affected by the recession? Who mentioned cartel.

Letter to Santa

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

How cute….my daughter’s letter to Santa….


Blogs, friends and celebs

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Had the chance to meet back up with some old friends as well as ex-employees when in London this week. Really good to do so and check back in and see what everyone is doing. Got a little scary as I was talking to one friend on mine and we were talking about how we used to work together 20 years ago!! We were working for Candle Corp at the time, who were a specialist vendor in mainframe performance monitoring software (since acquired by IBM). I joined because Candle had a policy of providing company cars in the UK and all my friends that worked there had brand new convertibles whilst I was driving a clapped out old banger on the salary of a systems programmer at a bank.

Managed to spend lots of time with both customers and potential customers. In fact, met with multiple Managed Service/Outsourcing/Hosting Providers during this trip – continues to become a bigger and bigger part of our business.

We had 21 deals close last week, which is good news as we move closer to the end of year and end of quarter. Some great new customers signing up….including a service provider to financial services in New York, a service provider to the oil industry in Texas, a European government agency, a telecoms company in the UK amongst others.

I happened to be staying at a reasonably nice hotel in London (amazing the deals you can get on the web when the economy is bad), and saw multiple “celebs” while there including Lewis Hamilton, Claudia Schiffer, Jonathon Ross and Amy Adams – not that I really care that much to be honest.

I’m “almost” done with the Christmas shopping for the kids but I can no longer blog about what I’ve got them, because they’re old enough to figure out how to read the blog. But, should be fun on Xmas Eve with one of them on drums, one on guitar and one on the microphone.

Hmm….me thinks that dad needs to get the port and stilton ordered.

A long week but a good one

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I’m exhausted. Need to get out of the office and get home. Put the Christmas tree up last weekend – and booked a few days in the mountains with the kids for early January. Back on the road again next week to Europe.

We are well and truly in to our end of quarter at the moment, which also happens to be our end of year – so doubly important. So far, things are gong well for the quarter – we’re happy with where we are at. A big law firm moved to Nimsoft after struggling with a larger vendor for the last year, a major network service provider also moved to Nimsoft, multiple more Managed Service Providers, a CableTV company and many, many others.

From the product perspective, we have moved MySQL probe in to GA status recently and we have a new release of our Service Delivery Portal in GA as well. Incidentally, I spoke to a potential customer today and they told me that “Your dashboards are the slickest thing that we have ever seen. The ease and ability to create custom dashboards for the different lines of business is amazing”. Nice hats off to the development team on that one.

Anyhow….we’re excited about our BSM strategy – I get to see the first versions next week I am told, we have a ton of stuff cooking on monitoring Cloud environments where we are already way ahead of the curve (more to do of course), and it’s just busy, busy, busy.

Sales kickoff in January to prepare for as well and I’m trying to decide whether to spend the money to do a new driveway on my home (exciting huh?).

Until next time….