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Customer testimonies, financial results

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Issued our full year 2008 financial results release today. You can see the details here

Also, another new customer video on our site….this time Intellinet

We signed two new customers yesterday including a major airline! Hopefully they’ll let us publish their name soon.

OMG – we're on TV

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Only the second time I have uttered those immortal letters….OMG (the first was reserved for George Michael…for those of you that have not been avid readers of this blog for the last year!).

This time….I was talking to one of our long-term employees (Ken Vanderweel) the other day, and he had a video sitting on his desk – it was of the TV appearance of Converse Software (the predecessor to Nimsoft) that happened over 5 years ago, just as we were starting the company. Funny, because we’d been looking for it everywhere but….as usual, we should have checked Ken’s garbage dump (I mean desk!)

Anyhow, here it is – it’s actually pretty embarrassing but whatever….

Converse Software CEO on KTVU Silicon Valley Business 2nd November 2003

PS Spot the young Dan Birck showing off his Raquet Ball skills in the background.

Wow – amazing Microsoft SCOM information

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Just found out some amazing information about the LINUX and UNIX support that Microsoft, with big fanfare, released a while ago for SCUM (the cross platform extensions)

#1 The ?agent? that sits on the Linux/UNIX server does not do any proactive alerting ? it relies on polling from the SCOM management server!! A polling based approach for server monitoring? Welcome to the 80s everyone! Yep….that’s highly efficient and scalable.

#2 The same agent is fat and heavy. Customers have reported 3% CPU utilization when idle, rising to 40-50% CPU utilization when working, Nimsoft agent usage was negligible.

Nobody, just nobody should be buying this. But is anyone surprised that their support for non-MS platforms is so poor?

Maybe given that Windows sales make up a huge portion of their revenue and profit and SCOM sales are negligible by comparison they have another agenda?

Just speculating…..keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Presentation coming up

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

In a few weeks I will be presenting at the Thomas Weisel Partners Technology and Telecom Conference in San Francisco.

The actual time and date is February 11th at 2.40pm PST

For anyone that would like to listen, their is a live webcast that will be available at:

It’s only short, 30 mins total and obviously pretty financially focused, but I’ll try and keep it interesting….


Ch Ch Ch Changes….

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Life running a rapidly growing company never stands still. In fact, I believe that it’s part of the reason for the success of Nimsoft that we are always willing to make changes and be brave about decisions.

Things that have worked in the past, may not work tomorrow so making change is important.

But…many individuals are always worried about change. Certainly for risk averse individuals they think that “doing the same thing” is the way to continue to guarantee success, but, as I always tell them, the world doesn’t stop moving and so neither can we. Our customers expect us to always adapt and improve.

Last week we made some changes in our marketing team. We moved the product marketing guys closer to engineering and product management, we moved the lead generation team into the field organization and we separated out corporate marketing into a stand-alone function. This follows some reasonably large changes in our US sales organization that took place in December.

Budgets are set, programs are being put in place and we’re executing.

So far, the forecast for Q1 is strong – we are hoping to publish our Q4 and 2008 results early next week after we get them blessed by the board on Thursday.

Good luck to the new President of the United States – tough set of issues that he’s inheriting.

The cloud – a real life example

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Small example but impressive. As you know we did our field sales and technical training in New Orleans last week. This meant that we had 23 field technical resources that all needed to be trained on new products.

Of course, we wanted them all to have their own server and be able to go through everything from installation to configuration and setup.

Before the event our IT guys suggested that we needed to rent a server, configure with ESX, ship to New Orleans and then every technical person could have their own virtual server.

I, being the cost conscious guy that I am said “why not use the cloud?”

So, passed the ball to our Cloud Meister, Mark Rivington who, engaged IT and support and… was a roaring success.

We used one of the commercially available cloud vendors, rented 23 servers for 2 days and we spent a grand total of $100.

The ESX server rental and shipment alternative was $1,700.

Small numbers I know but…a 94% saving in cost…and we got to train all our SEs on using the cloud as well.

Nice. Think about how that would scale….

Q4 and 2008 results

Friday, January 9th, 2009

We will be officially publishing our results in the next few weeks as soon as we are done auditing the revenue. But, some highlights….

Record number of new logo customers in the quarter – 50 brand new name customers…some big-4 replacements, some opensource to Nimsoft upgrade, some where no monitoring existed before.

Record revenue in the quarter (again)

Record MSP revenue, record number of new MSPs including replacements of several MSP specific products.

Great growth – even in this tough economy.

Our team is buzzing, just had multiple defections from the “Huge Prices” sales team in North America….welcome to the new guys.

Business Service Management or Bring Stacks of Money

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I asked a industry analyst recently what BSM meant to them. They told me, tongue in cheek, “Brings Stacks of Money”….and then added “and low expectations”. Most BSM projects cost a fortune ($500k plus), are very services intensive and few ever deliver upon the original expectations.

Sort of sounds like the Framework implementations of the late 90s, or the mega-suite/projects that companies continue to invest in (why are so many people closed minded to alternatives?)

Time for change I think…..

A CIO of a major bank recently told me “We’ve realized that we no longer have to spend the kind of money, time and people on the mediocre monitoring solutions and support that IBM, HP and the other large vendors often deliver. We know that there are now real alternatives that can deliver against our needs and Nimsoft is leading the way”.

Exactly – just as we’ve done for monitoring – make it successful, accessible and justifiable – we are going to do for BSM.

I saw the beta version of our solution yesterday and I’m excited; built using a combination of the Nimsoft and the Indicative technology – it could be a game changer.

On my way to New Orleans right now for sales and technical training……