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Some people….

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Why is it that an ex-employee feels the need to spread malicious and false rumors about us?

Why is it that the same person is so cowardly that they hide behind an “anonymous” title and pretend to be a customer of ours?

Maybe you don’t work with us any more but does that mean that you want to make blog posts that are factually incorrect and the only possible intent could be to try and damage things for all of our employees and customers?

Oh well….good luck to you – I hope you sleep better tonight knowing that you have contributed constructively to the world being a better place.

Gartner report

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Opened my inbox to a new Gartner report today entitled

“Has market consolidation killed IT Operations management tool innovation”

Interesting piece….I cannot post it here because it is copyrighted – suggest that you use your Gartner subscription to download a full copy or give us a call and we’ll talk to you about it.

Significant market consolidation has left few IT operations management vendors with annual revenue between $50 million and $1 billion. The ramifications are important to understand as IT organizations look for advances in IT operations management technology to deal with growing IT complexity.

Interesting week

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Cisco’s announcement Monday will mean some interesting decisions for their partners and VARs who are often partners with HP as well. Bladelogic being included on the servers….wonder what a Cisco partner that resells Opsware does? Seen and heard lots of different opinions….

But, back to Nimsoft business, I spoke to a major Managed Service Provider today (not yet a customer of ours). They told me, I quote, “You are sitting on an absolute goldmine. Your product is simply amazing for MSPs and there is nothing else out there”.

I completely agree. The big guys just don’t get it, the smaller platforms cannot scale or don’t have the breadth. Nimsoft really is in a unique position.

Now…we also have another MSP that is telling us that they are evaluating Solarwinds and that “Solarwinds is much less expensive”.

Our answer….”we don’t compete with Solarwinds”. It’s a low cost, web download toolset that’s all about “stack it high and sell it cheap”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative about Solarwinds for a minute – it’s an excellent tool for network engineers. If someone truly thinks that the Solarwinds product and company can provide them the capabilities and support that they need to support a growing managed service business….then they should go for it.

Anyhow, 7 more business days to end of quarter…business is good but I’ve got to say, many customers are “sitting on their hands” delaying decisions.

But, stock market is up right?

Completely inconsistent

Friday, March 13th, 2009

I really have to thank folks that read this blog. I am so horribly inconsistent with the timing of my posts….I’m sure I’d have given up on me a long time ago. Some are long, some are short – some about business, some about my ridiculous life style.

What shall we ramble about today….

BSM – launch date has been set for mid-April, already installed at about 10 customers and feedback has been eeencredibel. Sorry for the constant teasing on this one but we’ve been working hard on this and think that we have a game-changer; our engineers and product management team have done a good job on this one. Don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early.

We are also code-complete with the next version of our Service Delivery Portal – lots of new functionality and enhancements – looking to ship in Q2

Delivered our first Cloud Computing webinar recently (not me of course, we needed someone that actually knew something) – was a great success. Lots of buzz about Cloud right now – some real, some hype of course. We’ll be issuing white papers and customer cases studies in the next week or so. We actually already have customers using Nimsoft to monitoring Cloud Computing resources (yes….real customers paying real money)

Presented at the Montgomery Technologies conference this week in Santa Monica – unbelievable…the place was packed. I was trying to figure out whether all these software execs were “doing deals” with each other to combine their companies or whether they had nothing better to do :) Suspect it is a little of both – lots of companies looking around for other companies to buddy up with right now; we get a lot of approaches and certainly may look at adding new products in to our portfolio at some time.

Next couple of weeks involve multiple trips to SoCal….trip to East Coast and back over the pond again to London.

Also…anyone see that comment on my blog about the rumor of BMC buying Nimsoft? Funny…I remember the days when XX big company buying YY smaller company would be regular rumors….normally they are started by XX big company employees because they keep losing business to YY smaller company and they try to create FUD in the eyes of the customer. But…not sure that is true in this case because we actually don’t see BMC too much in competitive deals…..HP would be another matter….wonder if the HP team are starting nasty rumors?

Gotta run….our operations team are about to present a new accounting package to me……no comments please…I’ve had extra caffeine —LOL