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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Nice going to the US sales team…..3 brand new customers today – 1 end-user Enterprise and 2 Managed Service Providers.

Good going.


Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Never normally one to comment on rumors, but I have heard this one from multiple different places over the last couple of days.

Certain large Big-4 vendor in the final throws of buying Solarwinds….I know that BMC don’t have any network monitoring offerings but….

Australian MSP deploys Nimsoft's systems monitoring software

Monday, April 27th, 2009

From today…..

Analyst: Karin Kelley
Date: 27 Apr 2009

Australian managed service provider (MSP) Interactive has deployed Nimsoft’s Monitoring Solutions in its datacenters. Interactive’s IT administrators are using Nimsoft’s Service Delivery Portal to create custom dashboard views of systems performance and availability monitoring data. Interactive’s customers can access the data online to ensure that service-level agreements are being met. With five datacenters in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the MSP provides hosting and maintenance services for more than 1,200 businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding Pacific Islands. Interactive claims more than A$60m ($43m) in annual services revenue and plans to invest A$900,000 ($650,000) on eco-efficient IT this year.

Customer support examples

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

All received in the last 10 days….there was a fourth example but I’m not allowed to publish it as it is a government customer…

Others may talk the talk – Nimsoft walks the walk.

Example #1

Mr. Gary Read,

Your Director of Customer Support, XXXXXX, just took my tech support call at 10pm London time, and spent an hour from 10pm-11pm on a Friday night outside of London on the phone with me troubleshooting a problem…..

Please thank XXXXX for me. He is truly a dedicated Nimsoft employee, and he is a great example of a hard-worker who puts the customer first.

Warm regards,

Example #2

Hey mate,

XXX has been a star!!… he has spent about 4 hours working on this and although we are only speculating what the problem was caused by he has made some good suggestions on how the tunnels and some other things should be structured for an MSP.

The end result is that I have started to restructure… … and they have stayed connected and are working fine.

Once again he had been excellent and should be kept in good supply of beer for the next could of weeks he is here!
Thanks for your help today too with getting him in touch.

Example #3


Once again, your contribution is of amazing service. Thank you so much
for your help. My new module is working perfectly after your
assistance….. In any event, our project is back on
track… once again thanks to you. I really appreciate your help in our

XXX – Thanks for keeping track of this. This matter is closed from our

Customer support and satisfaction

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

In the last 7 days, I have received 4 unsolicited emails and letters from customers expressing their delight with our customer support. In one case, we had someone work over the weekend to help a customer, in another case someone worked late in to the night to do the same thing.

I will be posting each of these letters and emails to the blog as soon as I can get somewhere that I can scan them.

It makes me very proud of the organization and team that we have built.

The Next Generation of Business Service Management has arrived

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Tomorrow, we’ll be announcing a game changer in BSM. No longer does it takes months to implement, no longer does it take hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy and even more for services, no longer will BSM projects fail to offer value.

BSM Express is in General Availability and is announced publicly tomorrow.

A quick taster of one of the “out of the box” BSM dashboards….

<%image(20090421-BSM Express1.jpg|663|465|BSM Dashboard for Email performance)%>

So, how did we get here…what have we done?

Well, first of all, the Indicative acquisition that we made in April of last year was absolutely key. As we told our customers at the time, we purchased Indicative to gain access to the BSM modelling technology that has made it the preferred solution of multiple large environments around the world such as BUPA, NTT, Easynet and The US Department of State.

But, we’ve spent the last 9 months making an industry leading solution, even better. We’ve added tight, database level integration with Nimsoft’s Monitoring Solution. We’ve added attractive and highly functional new dashboards that integrate directly with the monitoring dashboards of Nimsoft, we’ve added multiple “out of the box” business models for common applications – and we’ll be adding many more. And, best of all, we’re offering all this for a price that is simple unbelievable.

How much? Well…it starts at $10,000 and can go up to $20,000. No…before I get lots of comments, I didn’t forget 2 zeros or even 1 zero. Truly, I said Ten Thousand Dollars up to Twenty Thousand Dollars.

How can we do it?

Just like with the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution, we believe that BSM should be available to many customers, not just the largest ones, and just in the same way that we’ve built over 800 customers using the monitoring solution, we intend to build a large customer base for BSM Express as well.

Our engineers are already hard at work on the second version of BSM Express, we’ve been code complete on this version for some time and we’re already installed in about a dozen or so customers. We expect that number to expand pretty quickly now that we’re announced.

This is truly very exciting for us and for the market. One more screenshot to look at….if you want more details, register on our web site or you can always send me an email at – we’ll be happy to send you the download link.

<%image(20090421-BSM Express2.jpg|680|448|A more complete view of an online order entry application)%>

Interesting times

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Had a long day today (well yesterday actually). Started early, did 3 customer visits (2 prospective and 1 existing), did various conference calls and then went to dinner to interview a potential employee. When I’m on the road, it’s incredible how long hours I keep – working a double shift effectively because there is nothing else going on in the evening, not sure how healthy it is though. (But, right now it’s 5.55am in the UK and I’m about to head to the gym!)

I am looking forward to getting back to California, spending the weekend with the family and then I’m heading off again on Tuesday, but this time for some relaxation hopefully.

It seems at the moment that something new is happening every day in this space and something interesting is coming to Nimsoft very regularly. We’re working on a lot of partnerships right now, some that are small but will help our customers get more value and some that are larger and will impact the broader industry.

BSM is coming…I’m finished with the teasing – I believe we are announcing next week. We’re already signing customers and we are really happy with the feedback so far.


Monday, April 13th, 2009

I hope everyone realizes how significant Cisco’s recent moves in to the data center are. This is a huge huge market that they’ve never played in before and they have an absolute ton of cash to buy their way in.

They’ve already got existing relationships, so customers are going to listen and treat anything that that say with credibility. Yes, they don’t have the track record but….look at VOIP…..they had no track record there and now dominate that space.

Not suggesting that they are going to dominate, after all, the competitors in the data center are pretty formidable in their own right, but I would imagine that they will absolutely take some share.

Time to sit down with a pencil and paper and try to figure out who they are going to buy next – I’ve made some good money on stocks over the years simply by betting on who is going to be acquired.

In the management space, Cisco are either going to build their own suite by buying lots of smaller players (aka Tidal) or they will buy big for someone who is already established. They tried with Bladelogic before BMC eventually got them and they’ve snapped up Tidal.

What do they need? Event Management, Service Level Monitoring, BSM, Service Desk, CMDB, Run Book Automation, Network Monitoring – lots of different pieces.

There are some really hot private companies in each of these areas, Nimsoft, Service-Now, Opalis, Stratavia, NetQoS to name just a few.

But, my bet would be on them buying big. I mentioned BMC the other day – the other alternative would be Quest Software – after all Quest have been buying a lot of Virtualization tools themselves over the last couple of years.

Time to sell my stocks in that UK Bank and invest in some BMC and Quest I think.

Anyone know?

Monday, April 13th, 2009

I travel quite a lot to the UK and every time, I bemoan how inconvenient it is.

First the good stuff….because I have a Gold Card with Virgin then I get to use the arrivals lounge at Heathrow. They iron my shirt and suit and give me a bathroom to shower in, nice cup of coffee….perfect, I can be off the plane and ready to work in less than 30 minutes.

But, what about the hotel? What I’d really like to do is to leave some things in the hotel. Maybe 1 suit, a few shirts etc, maybe some toiletries, and my gym gear. Otherwise, I have to continue to carry this stuff back and forth across the Atlantic.

It doesn’t seem too much to ask does it? They could get the shirts dry cleaned as well and of course, I’d always use the same hotel because my stuff would be stored there. Sort of like a locker that you could rent at the hotel.

Anyone know whether this exists? Could be a good business maybe.

Cisco in the datacenter

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Interesting news today with Cisco buying job scheduling company Tidal Software. Wonder how that sits with BMC given the recent datacenter partnership and given that BMC have directly competitive offerings to Tidal products? I actually wonder whether this is a ploy by Cisco because the company that they are really shopping for may be BMC themselves…maybe they tried to buy BMC and couldn’t, so instead they try to scare them a little by building there own suite and force BMC back to the negotiating table. Anyhow, far be it from me to start a rumor and I can categorically state that I have absolutely zero information – just pure conjecture by me.

The451 Group are speculating that Cisco will buy more companies to build a suite of offerings and they mention Nimsoft as a potential target. Seems that lots of people are speculating about us these days….guess that’s what happens when you are as successful as we are.

After all, who else is there to buy in monitoring and service level management? Most everyone else is tiny and their products are very limited – Nimsoft scales up and down from mid-market to the largest enterprise and has such a healthy managed services and cloud business.

But, Nimsoft has a long and successful future ahead of it – I was on a call with some of our architects yesterday, we’re just about to kick-off a new engineering project internally that is really, really exciting. BSM gets launched any day now – is it next week?