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More on Q1 results

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Dug a little more into the Q1 results today, some interesting stats.

49% increase in New Bookings for MSPs
110% increase in new MSPs signing up in the quarter with Nimsoft

This is in addition to the 54% increase in monthly recurring revenue

The MSP business has continued to be really strong for us.

Great trip

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Airport hotels…don’t you love them? Especially ones at Heathrow….

Had a whirlwind but GREAT trip to the UK. Spent all day yesterday with the sales team – spent the night watching European Champions League football and spent today in the office and then shaking hands with a customer on a very large piece of business for us.

Although, I must say, half way through writing this blog my room service arrived. I had decided to order curry – I figured that sleeping in a hotel room smelling of curry was OK. But, the room service waiter managed to drop the entire plate on to my hotel room floor. So, right now I have a hotel room floor covered in curry and I’m waiting for housekeeping to come and clean it up.

So, I’m now hungry, tired and have curry-floor in an airport hotel at Heathrow. What a glamorous life I lead!

At least it missed my luggage (see, there is always a silver lining).

Q1 results

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

We should get our Q1 results press release out on Monday. Overall pretty solid overall performance – not quite the hyper-growth of the past, but good continued momentum and positive cash flow.

Off to London again soon – I think Richard Branson should love me. Going to see Lily Allen in concert tomorrow night……