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Monday, July 20th, 2009

to England. 1-0 up versus Australia in the Ashes.

And, was that really David Beckham almost climbing in the stands to fight with members of the LA crowd? I understand their frustration but it was the LA Galaxy ownership that allowed him to go to Italy, right? …..$$$$……

And, while we’re on it….would it be funny if Real Madrid didn’t win anything this year.

And, one more thing, did a 59-year old really just come second in the Open…there’s hope for us all.

And, finally, Nimsoft played it’s first ever “flag football” matches at the weekend. Not only were we hopelessly outclassed but also sustained numerous injuries. Thank goodness for the mercy rule….

You know what's fun about my job…..

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

That I do so many different things.

From defining and agreeing strategy, to product, to sales, to marketing, to finance and operations – tons of customer interactions, talking to analysts, press, property managers, other CEOs…..

And I get to blog about whatever and whenever….sometimes making people smile, sometimes making them annoyed, sometimes sending them to sleep

BMC Technology Alliance Program – Vote Now!!!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

We’ve got many customers that want to ensure that we continue to integrate our market-leading monitoring solution with BMC’s Remedy and Bladelogic products…….we agree.

Just like the Bank that just last month replaced CA in totality with a combination of BMC Remedy and the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution, we have many customers that want to ensure continued interoperability. In this case our sales and technical teams were completely collaborative.

So, we decided to pony up the $6,000 to be a partner (wow, I like that P&L, that’s more than the Miley Cyrus fan club) and send in our application.

Now we wait to see if we are approved. So….I’m going to run a quick poll….no prizes….just vote by leaving a comment.

Are BMC going to…

a) Approve us and focus on the greater needs of their customers or
b) Not approve us because….well….who knows?

Vote (a) or (b) and tell us why…..we’ll let you know as soon as we get an answer.

(by the way, we will always ensure interoperability in any case….it’s just easier if we’re part of the program)

Calling all visionaries….

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

We’re looking for someone to own the product management for some of our “forward leaning” initiatives where innovation and market leadership are the name of the game.

Need to be at the cutting edge of technology, understand all the latest issues and be able to have good insight in to future technology directions.

Is this you? Do you know anyone? Send them over…..

Some decisions made….some still to be made

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Sales leadership offsite was a success – some good decisions and really exciting plans. Agreed on a number of key investment areas which we’ll be putting into place quickly.

When you sit in all day meetings, don’t you feel the energy draining by the end of the day….I need to find a way (I’m sure there are plenty) to keep the energy high….maybe we should all go running at lunchtime?

Today, after dropping my kids at camp, I’m in back to back meetings and then tomorrow/Wednesday, I’m in more offsite meetings.

We’ve got several pretty high profile customers we’re hoping to welcome this week or next – would be good to get a strong start to the quarter particularly with the European vacation season upon us.

All day sales offsite….where to invest?

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I’m spending all day today in a sales leadership offsite meeting with Dixon, our new VP Jamie and Jill, who runs sales ops for us. I think Jenny is also joining us for the marketing aspects. Topic is all about how and where do we want to invest in growth.

Now isn’t that a pleasant change….talking about where to invest and “add” rather than the doom and gloom that we see every day about the economy.

Nimsoft blog or Gary's blog….what's the point?

Friday, July 10th, 2009

The information that I post to the blog is seemingly random in nature. There is a good reason for that….it is random.

I really try to make this blog about whatever I happen to be thinking about at the moment that I have time to update it. Unfortunately I cannot update the blog from my Blackberry yet (webmaster….are you listening!!!!), so posts are sometimes regular and sometimes there is no action for a week or more.

But, everything I put on here is true and it is a reflection of the life of a CEO of a fast growing, software company. I don’t try to use it as a marketing vehicle for Nimsoft although undoubtedly some of that will be in there because it’s a lot of what I do. But, you will also see entries around what I’m doing personally, my family, and sometimes just pure random other stuff that’s going on.

Thanks for reading, I hope it adds some value.

Nimsoft Virtualization support

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Did you know that Nimsoft now has probes for the following virtualization platforms….

VMWare (of course)
Citrix Xen
Solaris Zones

I wonder if that gives us more comprehensive virtualization support than any other vendor?

Q2 results are positive

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

We gave our internal presentation to everyone today on our Q2 results. Very positive message….still waiting for the finance guys to finalize the information for a press release but:

- Record new deal size
- EBITDA positive – good margins!
- Cash Flow positive
- Second best quarter in history (behind Q4 2008….Q4 is always our largest quarter)
- Tons of momentum going in to Q3

Gartner are coming out with their new Magic Quadrant on our space soon…can’t wait!

Acquisitions….the pace will accelerate

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Almost makes yesterday’s post prophetic…

Coradiant Acquires Assets of Symphoniq Corporation

SAN DIEGO, CA, July 8, 2009 � Coradiant, Inc., the leader in Web Performance Management, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the assets of Symphoniq Corporation. The acquisition adds relevant talent to the organization to assist in accelerating Coradiant�s growth, and underscores the company�s position as a leader in Web application performance management. Symphoniq�s executive and technical teams have joined Coradiant. The Palo Alto offices of Symphoniq are being retained as Coradiant�s Silicon Valley office and as the company�s second major research and development location.

We’re going to see a ton of these in the next few months. Small companies looking for larger partners…look for the “acquired the assets of….”

Many more to come. Had a great day today in SoCal…thanks to our hosts – excellent meeting and lots of possibilities.