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The selling has finished for the quarter (but the buying has not)

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

9.25pm September 30th – final Nimsoft customer contract received. Time for the sales team to drink a glass of something and chill.

But….we still have a software vendor trying to conclude a deal with us. That’s standing between me and my relaxation time. The legal guys are trying to get it wrapped up so that we can do a final review and hopefully sign it tonight.

I wonder why we all wait until the last day of the quarter?

The Nimsoft product development/engineering team

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

I think my constant excitement about sales is probably a pretty big clue about how Nimsoft’s quarter is going to close. But…one of the reasons that we can be so successful is that we have an AMAZING product and an incredible team developing, testing, maintaining, documenting and supporting that product.

This team has delivered tons of new capabilities of the Nimsoft solution this quarter including new functionality in the following components:

Service Delivery Portal v 2.1

BSM Express v9.1

New or updated probes for Active Directory (log, server, response), CPU, Disk, Memory, High Availability, Log Monitor, Windows Event Log, Windows Perf Mon, Reboot, Directory Scan, Processes, Cisco Unity, Cisco QoS, DNS response, SNMPget, SNMP Trap, LDAP response, JDBC Response, DB2 UDB, SQL Response, ADO, Email gateway, Exchange response, IIS, Sharepoint, VMWare, Tomcat, JVM monitor, Apache, Email Response, URL Response, Tomcat.

Plus new capabilities in our SDKs and our core Alarm Server and our scripting agent.

WOW! I feel sorry for our competitors R&D teams – how do they follow that!!!!

Breaking news….CompTIA acquiring MSP Partners

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Interesting news this morning about CompTIA acquiring MSP Partners.

Anything that can strengthen the amount of information and knowledge that is out there to help MSPs is a good thing. CompTIA historically, have probably not done as much as they should have in catering to MSPs, and that lack of an industry association is ultimately what led to MSP Partners being formed to potentially compete with the only MSP association at the time…the MSPAlliance.

Honestly I always had a bit of a concern with MSP Partners as it appeared to be a little “too much marketing” and not enough substance. Particularly as compared to the MSP Alliance which always seemed to be very much about substance and maybe even not enough marketing?

In practice, I think Level Platforms probably did a reasonable job of keeping MSP Partners at arms length from their core business and I congratulate their management team for their vision in this area and also taking the next step in joining MSP Partners with CompTIA.

I believe that associations and trade-shows absolutely can be owned by vendors successfully (RSA?) provided that they are managed and directed by their members.

Nice job everyone….we look forward to working with both CompTIA and with the MSPAlliance in the future.

Made my day! Clear back in business…

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Just heard on the news that CLEAR (the airport security card that let’s you bypass the security line) has been purchased out of bankruptcy and will be back in business.

Huge news for me. Twice they allowed me to catch a flight that I otherwise would have missed.

Welcome back!

Kurtis Fechtmeyer, an investment banker based in Emeryville, Calif., said on Tuesday that his new investment group, Henry Inc., had signed a letter of intent with Morgan Stanley, the defunct company’s largest debt holder, to buy its assets and reopen its fast-lane security service, called Clear.

Mr. Fechtmeyer said his group thought it could bring back the service as soon as this holiday season. It will offer former Clear members, some of whom had paid for years of the service in advance, the option of rejoining with their membership intact.

Congratulations to Nimsoft customer ACS on becoming part of Xerox

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

We look forward to continuing to support your business with our solutions.

And…end of quarter is progressing really well. More new customers every day – looking for a grand finale tomorrow!

Nimsoft's European investor named Venture Capital Fund of the Year

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Congratulations to our European Venture Capital partner Northzone for being named European Venture Capital fund of the year at the investor AllStars awards.

Nimsoft partners with winners!

More details here

A big Thank You….

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

To all the Nimsoft employees that are working so hard and all the Nimsoft customers that put their trust in us – a big thank you.

We have just finished an amazing week, in an amazing month, in an amazing quarter. We have not only exceeded, but we have smashed just about every record we’ve ever set.

In this last week, 3 brand new MSP customers (2 in North America and 1 in Europe). All tremendous businesses (I had the pleasure of visiting with the CEO of one of them personally last week which was very enjoyable) and great relationships building.

In addition, a brand new health care customer in the US, 2 significant expansions at Energy companies, more business from a large outsourcing company and….an initial piece of business with one of the largest IT/Telecoms providers in the world. Something that will grow and grow.

Plus…what else….had an excellent new account executive agree to come on board on Friday, we’re close to hiring another key member of the sales leadership team (hopefully Monday) and our R&D team just continue to deliver like crazy. They’ve got their open positions full – but we’re still looking for mainly sales and marketing folks.

Oh….and did I mention October 20th? We’re going to be changing the monitoring market forever with a whole series of announcements. We’ve been working really hard on this for a long time and feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive and excited. Can’t wait…..!

Put it in your diary/calendar….

Nimsoft User Conference, MSPWorld, Gartner, WHIR, ConnectWise, Ingram Micro and others

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

We’ve pretty much decided, the 2010 Nfluence conference will be held in April in Las Vegas and London. We’re in the process of getting dates agreed and signed up with the hotels so that we can give our customers as much notice as possible.

We’re looking forward to a great conference.

Talking of which, Nimsoft is going to be at multiple events in the final quarter of 2009.

First we will be exhibiting and speaking at MSPWorld in London on October 2nd, then the Gartner Datacenter conference, also in London on October 5/6. The tour then goes to Florida for the Gartner ITExpo on October 18-22nd, back to London for the Cloud Computing World Forum on the 22nd and also, we’re at the Web Hosting Industry Networking in DC on the same day (so, we’re in Florida, London and DC at events all on the same day).

The following week we’re off to Colorado, for the Ingram Micro VTN Invitations, then back to Florida again in early November for the ConnectWise partner summit. And finally, another Web Hosting event on November 5th and then back to Vegas for November 12-13 to MSWorld where we again are speaking and have exhibit space.

Phew….looks like we are going to be busy. Fortunately we’ve got a great team and they are expanding fast to deal with all the work.

If you are at any of the above events, stop by and say hello.

Nimsoft hiring….marketing, sales, Systems Engineering, R&D…

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Apply at

Latest positions are marketing program manager positions in marketing in both Bay Area and London. These are expansion positions.

We’ve also got numerous expansion sales positions available in both the US and the UK and several R&D positions available in Bay Area/Fort Collins/Oslo….

Only the best should apply.

Nimsoft User Forum – Nfluence

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

We have been postponing plans for the annual Nfluence Nimsoft User Group because in discussions with many customers, travel budgets were very tight and they’d asked us to hold off.

But, we cannot hold off any longer. We need to decide whether to go ahead and hold this event (the suggestion is January in Las Vegas) or whether we should just postpone until later in the year.

Personally I’d prefer for us to go ahead with it. The feedback that I’ve had from past attendees has been incredible in the amount of value that they receive from the event.

If you are a Nimsoft customer or partner and have a view….email me, We need to make a decision by the end of September.