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Black is back – iDumped

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

It’s weird, having had a Blackberry again for all of 24 hours, I keep finding myself looking for power outlets to charge it. But then I realize that I don’t need to because it’s still got tons of battery life left.

I’m sure many ex iPhone users have the same symptoms, takes a while to go back to the “old days” of only charging your phone at night.

And…congrats to our Australian team, just welcomed a major new Managed Service Provider yesterday.

By the way, did you know Nimsoft can now monitor Power and Energy consumption? Yes, we released it into GA at the end of March….hopefully I’ll get a quick write up of it and on the web soon.

Virgin America becomes a Nimsoft customer

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I love it. One of the most innovative airlines using the solution from one of the most innovative vendors.

Look for the press release tomorrow.

Rocking and rolling!

Virgin America Gains Insight to Performance of Critical Applications with
Nimsoft Monitoring Solution

NMS helps airline improve service levels through rapid growth by providing
business-level view of critical systems performance

Redwood City, Calif.—April 27, 2010—Nimsoft, a business unit of CA, Inc.
(NASDAQ:CA), today announced that Virgin America, a fast-growing, California-based
airline, has implemented the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS) to monitor its entire
infrastructure, as well as the end-user performance of critical applications. NMS
reporting and dashboards provide executives insight into service delivery, translating IT
performance into a clear view of business processes.

NMS is replacing Virgin America’s existing point monitoring solution, providing richer
functionality and unified monitoring capabilities. By implementing NMS, the IT
organization at Virgin America can proactively monitor critical systems and provide
better management and response times to potential issues.

“Virgin America has been growing since its founding, adding more airports and serving
more guests,” said Ravi Simhambhatla, Virgin America chief information officer. “With a
more diverse and extensive infrastructure, we outgrew our existing point solution, and
were looking to upgrade to a fully supported, enterprise-class monitoring solution. NMS
offers tremendous ease of use and a rich feature set that is ideal for our business
requirements, without the high cost.”

Virgin America’s mission is to make “flying good again.” The progressive airline offers
new planes and innovative amenities such as mood-lit cabins, custom designed leather
seats, power outlets and a video touch-screen at every seatback.

“Virgin America is on the cutting edge of airline innovation and technology, so it’s fitting
that the company selected Nimsoft to watch over its most critical systems and
applications,” said Gary Read, senior vice president and general manager of the Nimsoft
business unit at CA. “With NMS, the company can accommodate the growth of its
infrastructure without a significant resource increase. NMS provides automated alerting,
informative dashboards and granular insight into Virgin’s critical systems, enabling
faster response time to incidents and proactive infrastructure management and

I'm done….my 2nd iPhone is going to be donated to a better cause

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Battery life is so bad….I constantly find myself looking to charge it at every possible opportunity. I find myself not making phone calls because I’ll run the battery down, and twice in the last 3 days the battery has been run down to zero.

Now the only question is do I go back to the trusted Blackberry or do I try something new (Android?)

Sorry Apple but it is not a business device – love the apps but they are not much use if the battery is dead.

Life in the Big City

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Visited with a potential new MSP yesterday and I realized something. The reason that I love doing business with MSPs is that they are such great people. They run their own business, the discussion is not around feature/function but much more around how can Nimsoft help them to grow their business.

It’s like I’m sitting across the table from different versions of myself. Successful individuals that have built their business and built it based on delivering a quality service to their customers.

Also met with many of my new colleagues at CA in business review meetings. I, and some of our lead technical guys are going to spend a few weeks investigating whether their are value added offerings that we can bring to our customers by leveraging some of the extensive portfolio of CA.

What’s great is that nobody is pressuring us. We’re being allowed to look around and define what areas make most sense for our customers and decide whether we wish to make use of those areas.

We also managed to fit an all day (actually all night) Webex to our European customers to try to compensate a little for postponing Nfluence this week because of the travel situation in Europe.

Now…on Virgin America (I love these guys) flying back to SFO, staying in airport hotel, then start tomorrow with a b/fast meeting at 7.30am. I’m definitely going to try and get home a little early tomorrow afternoon… night maybe!

The summary of the week

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

I spent most of the week on vacation (well, sort of). iPad by the swimming pool….with Verizon MiFi…..funny (some may say sad).

We launched Nimsoft on Demand on Tuesday….tremendous reception since then – lots of customers already signed up for the trial and some already paying for production.

Manchester United had a horrible two weeks, knocked out of Champions League and moving to second in the league (but this weekend made it a whole lot better…sorry Chelsea and Arsenal)

Friday, we had to postpone our Nfluence User Conference in London….no planes are flying anywhere in Europe :(
We will be doing the best we can via Webex instead to get the new information to our customers and will re-arrange for later in the year.

So, instead of flying to London on Monday, I now get to fly to New York instead…..

Someone had to be the first to offer full function monitoring as SaaS

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

So why not us? We’re already known as the company that is driving innovation into systems management and monitoring – so it’s natural that we are leading the way again.

Today we have announced Nimsoft on Demand. Not a statement of direction, but a ready to roll, generally available solution that already has production, paying customers.

The beauty of NoD is (a) Full function (b) So easy to set up (c) Suitable for both end users and MSPs (d) Not restricted to a limited number of devices

MSPs will be able to host their own NoD infrastructure and offer it directly to their customers.

Check out more information on the complete new section of the website

Our customers never cease to amaze me

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

The diversity and innovation of our customers is incredible. MSPs in particular have so many unique business plays, loved spending yesterday meeting and talking with so many of them.

User conference and Rackspace

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

In case anyone didn’t see it, check out the Rackspace release that went out this morning here.

Very very cool….standardized on Nimsoft as their monitoring solution.

I’m in SF right now, about to welcome many, many Nimsoft customers to our annual user conference. It’s amazing to think how small this event was just 4 years ago and even more amazing to this how large it’s going to be in future years.

Netflix instant streaming movies on the iPad

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Now that is cool. Loving the iPad

A long day but this quote makes it all worthwhile

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Started very early yesterday to help the Europeans, and finished very late last night with our final new customer contract.

But, this morning we received this email from one of our brand new customers when they found out the contracts were complete…..this is why we do what we do. Thank you for the kind words!

Wow…this is awesome news. Happy for us, happy for you – you put in a lot of time and effort and we’ve appreciated all the work. I know it’s a sale for Nimsoft, but you’ve both been tremendous. Hopefully CA knows the caliber of people they got when they purchased the company. We’re definitely raring to go – this is the product we wanted from the first time we saw it…

    I’ve been telling everybody that will listen that of all the monitoring products I’ve used and looked at over the last 10 years, this is far and away the BEST

Looking forward to getting started – have a good trip back and we’ll be talking to you real soon.

Thanks for everything.