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No blogs for a long time

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

As pointed out by Alan in his comment, there haven’t been any updates to the blog for quite a while.

Now, a cynic would say that I am sulking because Chelsea won the Premiership (and they may be partly true), but also I switched from my iPhone to a Blackberry and I haven’t downloaded the WordPress application yet.

But, I will be updating a lot in the next week or so. Some more new products to tell everyone about, a great new customer win (hosting/cloud/data center/MSPs love Nimsoft), and preparation for CAWorld next week.

This will be my first year at CAWorld….I have to leave on Saturday morning until Wednesday, then red eye to NY Wednesday night, present to investors on Thursday and fly home to California Thursday night. The worst thing is….my investor presentation is probably going to last all of 15 minutes for about 12 hours of flying time – someone owes me for that one :)

And, I get to present Nimsoft on Demand at CAWorld. We are hoping to demonstrate in real time the entire process of going from zero to having a monitored environment in 30 minutes or less (still working on logistical issues though). I told the team that anything less than Steve Jobs/iPad impact would be failure….LOL, maybe I set the bar a little high.

But, if anyone reading the blog is coming to CAWorld then come and say hello.

New product – Unified Monitoring Portal

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

We have focused extensively on the overall Nimsoft user experience by introducing, in December, the Unified Reporter for historical reporting. Now, we have introduced an intuitive new user interface – the Unified Monitoring Portal.

By using industry standard portal and portlet technology, the UMP will allow our customers not just to access Nimsoft information, but also information and the GUI from 3rd parties that have written to those standard. Already some partners have done so and we are attracting many more.

Imagine a single sign-on, single portal where you can access Nimsoft + service desk + security + backup solutions from all different vendors. Imagine being able to drag and drop information from one product to another and actions to be taken in context. It’s not longer just a vision….it’s here.

For our current customers that use SDP, all that functionality has been rolled into this new portal so there is virtually zero new learning experience. Over the coming months we will add the functions from our other components – we intend to have a major release each quarter.

Check it out, watch the How to customize your Unified Monitoring Portal video on our new community video tutorial page or simply download it from our support site and take a look.

We welcome your feedback.

Funny how things work

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

I am on the Nimsoft President’s Club right now and guess what. My girlfriend cannot get a single bar of reception on her iPhone…says “No Service”, but my new Verizon Blackberry is working just fine. I would be pulling my hair out right now if I didn’t have any service for a few days while I am here….I always want to be reachable.

But, for anyone that thinks I’ve suddenly become anti-Apple…..I’m loving my iPad. Even sitting doing emails on it – so much better than a laptop for most things.