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Nimsoft wives of Orange County (well….sales reps)

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Interesting week so far. Ended up not going to the East Coast….too much customer related work keeping me West.

Now in Orange County. 3 customer meetings tomorrow. I can’t wait; nothing better than talking to and meeting with customers.

Realized tonight that there was another Nimsoft sales exec in town, meeting with the local CA team – so managed to meet up tonight together with our rep that runs the region.

One told me that they loved my blog, the other said it was pointless.

But…pointless is fine by me. Just a way of keeping a pulse on Nimsoft activities; not always interesting, not always positive but….always real.

Anyhow, we’re into the last month of the quarter which means airports are visited more often than home. But, need to get back Friday for our “new office” party…..