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MSPmentor Top 250 Managed Services Experts

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Very nice to see Phil LaForge, Todd McKendrick and myself all being recognized by MSPmentor on the above list.

To be perfectly honest, we could have had many more Nimsoft people on the list such is our depth of knowledge and experience in the MSP market.

Big thanks to MSPmentor for the recognition….you can see the full results here

On the way to gaga…….

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Going to be amazing

The answer is…

Monday, August 16th, 2010

One week

JetBlue flight attendant lands Reality TV offer

Sir Richard let us down….

Friday, August 13th, 2010

My sister and her two kids are flying from London to San Francisco to visit me today. This is the longest flight that they have ever taken and were a little concerned.

But, can you believe it, their flight was delayed taking off by 5 hours!!!

Ugh, can you imagine….7+ hours at Heathrow before getting on to a 10+ hour flight.

Sir Richard, the 15 pound lunch vouchers that you gave out don’t really make up for that length of delay.

Scheduled departure time 13 Aug 11:30
Actual departure time 13 Aug 16:33

Legacy monitoring tools – the end is near

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Met with a potential customer the other day, talking about their use of cloud technologies.

They have put in place an SLA that they guarantee to provision new cloud instances within 2 hours of request.

But, the same SLA says that they have 48 hours to deploy monitoring on to those instances.

Why? Because they are using a legacy monitoring solution that requires manual configuration – unlike Nimsoft that can be deployed and configured with zero touch within minutes.

Houston….we’ve got a problem!

Bail Set for Steven Slater, JetBlue Flight Attendant

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I know that I’m probably not meant to, but did anyone else find this funny?

He stopped to grab a beer on his way out….this guy has got some front! Wonder how long before he’s appearing on talk shows.

The 38-year-old flight attendant, who yesterday allegedly grabbed a beer and then exited the plane by deploying the emergency slide, appeared in court this morning with a grin on his face.

Yes….we care….

Friday, August 6th, 2010

The following email thread was received from a customer recently. First from the main technician and then from the manager.

The main technical guy:

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to you and your team for all of the effort in assisting us with our migration to Nimsoft.  We’re live on the Nimsoft software and things are performing well.  I couldn’t be more elated to be off of the Silverback platform.

And then the manager said:

I could not agree more.  It’s comforting to me that we’ve partnered with a company who cares about their customers and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure things work properly.  Thank you again for everything you’ve done to this point.  I look forward to a long healthy relationship.

7 years on and still going strong

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Over the last couple of weeks, 2 of our very very early customers placed large additional orders with us. I looked back in the records, and one of them became a customer in early 2003, the other one in late 2003.

This makes me so happy and bucks the industry trend. In my experience, customers change systems management products every 3-5 years, normally because of poor customer satisfaction or a simple failure to get them working.

Completely untrue with Nimsoft. Our customers continue to get value and stay with us. We have amazing customer satisfaction.

See and be seen with Nimsoft at VMWorld

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Yes, I know the show is going to be great. There are going to be tons of sessions, lots of announcements, hundreds of vendor booths with freebies etc.

But, what do you do at the end of the day? You’re stranded in San Francisco, your feet hurt, all you really want is a cocktail and some great company.

Pretty obvious isn’t it….you cross the street and you wander in to the ultra-trendy W Hotel. You push past the crowds of people and you selectively make your way up the stairs.

If anyone tries to stop you, you tell them that you are on the Nimsoft Guest List. You get to the XYZ Bar….look back and down on the mass of people below trying to force their way to the bar and you breath out.

You’ve arrived. You walk in to the XYZ Bar to be greeted by the beautiful folks from Nimsoft and you know that you are home. Someone comes up to you and says “Vodka Martini?” – oh….does it get any better.

But wait yes, the Nimsoft team in on hand to entertain you (we don’t do foot massages), have fun with you and generally allow the stress of the show to fade away.

Your drink arrives and you start digging around for cash, “no need Sir/Madam, this is an open bar”…..whoa, is this what heaven is like?

You look around and you see people that you recognize…people like you. You realize that you are in the place to see and be seen.

4pm until 9pm on both Monday and Tuesday during VMWorld, Nimsoft has the XYZ Bar for the exclusive use of its customers, friends, potential customers and partners.

Get on the guest list now and cut the line – speak to your Nimsoft account rep or if you don’t know who that is, email us at and someone will respond. I look forward to seeing you there.