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The culture

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

One of the things that became clear at our recent sales & tech meeting, was how important the Nimsoft culture is to everyone. There are of course multiple different facets to that culture, but it all starts from the fact that we love our customers. From that, multiple pieces emerge.

Yeah I know, every software company comes out with this type of stuff – nobody really does that do they?

Well, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We recently had a customer that lost their Nimsoft administrator and had some critical deadlines – so we gave them free services for a couple of weeks to dig them out of the hole. We had another customer that was going live switching their entire MSP service for hundreds of customers from their previous products to Nimsoft, so we put two people onsite during the period of the switch over to ensure that everything went well.

Of course, we need to make money but, we build trusting relationships with our customers where we both understand each others needs and we both work hard to meet those needs.

Outside of that, our culture is one in which we demand a lot from our team, but we also try to give a lot back. We try to operate this company with a flat structure; anyone can call anyone else for help. A sales rep in the UK can call me directly to help with a customer situation and his management will not be concerned. We go directly to the people that can make it happen, don’t waste time with bs, have zero politics and colleagues become friends. This execs at this company lead from the front. We travel as much, work just as hard, and are willing to do anything to continue the success.

We’re not always perfect, we make plenty of mistakes along the way but we jump in and fix them as soon as we find them.

PS I was on very interesting call with a CTO yesterday and the first thing that he said to me was “Have you seen Pamela Anderson lately?”.

I love that. I love that people read this blog and get a view inside Nimsoft that’s not just the usual marketing stuff.

Highlights from our sales & tech conference

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Over 120 of us in Vegas for sales and technical training. New hire training from 8 until 10, then everyone from 10 until 7. Technical team and sales team split sessions. Fun evenings

Day 1

  • The sales organization gives our engineering team a standing ovation. When have you ever heard of that before?
  • We recognize the tremendous success of the last quarter
  • Two of our best customers traveled from London and Atlanta to present to us – thank you!! They gave up their personal time to speak to our team

Day 2

  • Gave the intro to new hire training….35 new hires in the last couple of months
  • Our technical team had contests for producing the best customer dashboards and reporting portals
  • G0-karting in the evening

Day 3

  • Our engineering/product management leaders presented the new products released. UMP2.0, NMS5.0, Vblock1.0, UCS, Federated Nimsoft1.0, metering… much new stuff
  • Training on ensuring that pricing meets customers business needs, new product technical training for SEs
  • Skit night!

Back home now, tired but happy. Nimsoft rocks.