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Happy New Year to….

Friday, December 31st, 2010

To all our customers, partners, employees, suppliers and everyone else that has made 2010 a truly memorable year.

May 2011 be good to you all.

All net

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Nothing more to say. All net

What an incredible team we have

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

What a 2010 Nimsoft has had…..our team makes me so proud. Our performance and execution across our business in incredible. Most of all, our business is about our customers….always has been. Some highlights…

The Managed Service Provider in Asia Pacific that chose a competitor over Nimsoft just 6 months ago…couldn’t get it to work… came back to us and signed up.

The customer in the Bay Area that was convinced an Open Source solution would work for them….until they saw Nimsoft in action and they were wowed.

The enterprise customer in the UK that evaluated everyone and their choice became very easy.

The managed hosting provider in the US that selected us after telling us, “we are only looking at Nimsoft because, we know how to write a solution ourselves and we’ll either do that or use Nimsoft. There is nobody else even close to what you guys do”

The pharmaceutical company in the US that has decided to “move everything to SaaS and the Cloud” and replaced their traditional monitoring solution with Nimsoft on Demand.

The major outsourcing provider that is building a “new, modern management stack” with Nimsoft at its core.

Too many stories to relay….Nimsoft rocks!

Holidays are here

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Here we are…1.30pm on the 23rd and the Nimsoft team is still here and working (the office is a little sparse I must admit).

But we’re still closing business, booking deals, supporting customers, designing marketing programs, paying employees expense reports and even, sending regular forecasts to my boss.

Looks like one of our sales reps had too much time on his hands…. – yeah yeah, very funny.

Anyhow, we’re working again tomorrow….meanwhile I’ve got to get some time to buy some Xmas presents. Got to go to T-Mobile for my son and figure out a few other people as well.

In the final stretch….

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Less than 10 business days left, in fact probably 7 or 8 depending on how much holiday you have.

Lots of customer deals to bring to conclusion…I think we’re hoping most can be completed by the end of this week.

By the way…are you having trouble finding a good monitoring solution for UCS? Come check out Nimsoft’s UCS support…very cool

Congratulations to long time Nimsoft customer Rackspace…

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

…on their acquisition of Cloudkick.

Looks like a great move guys….anything that helps customers to monitor and report on the availability of cloud services, we are completely in support of.

We look forward to continuing to enhance and build on our existing relationship.


Sungard teams up with Nimsoft to monitor the cloud

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

This report was authored by Agatha Poon at Tier1Research and appeared in their daily research today.

SunGard’s Availability Services division is gearing up its Enterprise Cloud Service, which has been in controlled availability (in a full production environment) after a period of private beta in April 2010, through integrating Nimsoft’s monitoring system (NMS) into its cloud platform. The value of this offering is twofold: 1) it addresses customers’ need to monitor their mission-critical applications in real time and 2) SunGard can provide proactive service management and customized monitoring policies on the fly, leveraging extensive APIs provided by Nimsoft’s NMS.

With the new monitoring capability, SunGard is confident that it can deliver the promise of service levels (by default, it provides 99.95% service availability) and total service experience in a multi-layer architecture. As SunGard moves up the stack toward a value-added cloud offering, the availability of Nimsoft’s NMS is instrumental in deploying a highly available, secure cloud product backed by a number of managed services. This is in line with SunGard’s cloud strategy, focusing on the managed service level. With the ability to holistically monitor various IT components in both physical and cloud environments, SunGard’s next step is to bring a portfolio of managed services onto the cloud platform.

General availability for SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud Service is scheduled for next February 2011. Upon its general availability, cloud monitoring tools will be available for all SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud customers. Customers will be able to get access to various monitoring capabilities using the same Web interface that they have been using to deploy production applications in the cloud.

What Nimsoft can bring to the table?

Leveraging its security and compliance capabilities, SunGard has done well in supporting key verticals in the health care, financial and public sectors. Aside from demonstrating high availability and resiliency for managed services and disaster recovery, SunGard also provides consulting services to meet specific needs of individual companies. As SunGard continues to embrace cloud computing, it has realized the need to render service management and control through self-service capabilities. With that in mind, SunGard was looking for a monitoring platform that could provide a high level of transparency and visibility into the cloud environment.

Since the majority of SunGard’s customers for cloud services are also existing managed hosting and disaster recovery customers in the traditional hosting environment, the ability of Nimsoft’s monitoring system to manage the two types of IT environment was clearly a criterion during the vetting process. Also, many SunGard customers testing the Enterprise Cloud are already running production workloads on Windows and RedHat Enterprise Linux OS; they would require a monitoring tool that could provide real-time insights into their IT environments to achieve consistent service reliability.

Nimsoft’s NMS was the right choice from an operational standpoint. Architecturally speaking, SunGard considered Nimsoft NMS as ‘less heavyweight’ and ‘low ratio of overhead to customer accounts.’ Also, the availability of programmable APIs was deemed valuable by the SunGard team to facilitate unified monitoring, which is of paramount importance in increasingly complex enterprise IT environments, by integrating the monitoring components in the cloud environment with current tools used to manage heterogeneous IT environments.

Eventually, SunGard will move up the cloud stack, leveraging its cloud platform as a foundation. Thus, the extensibility and sustainability of Nimsoft monitoring platform to manage all business applications seemed to fit the bill.

T1R take

Although SunGard is not the first to advocate unified monitoring, rival Rackspace has worked closely with Nimsoft to standardize the monitoring of its internal IT and cloud infrastructures; the managed IT specialist is serious about delivering the best of both worlds while charting its long-term IT game plan. T1R believes that SunGard’s latest move is in sync with the market trends in driving enterprise cloud adoption. Apparently, unified monitoring is more than wishful thinking. Increasingly, as enterprises look to spread their wings and deploy flexible IT models like cloud computing to complement purpose-built IT infrastructures, the ability to provide unified management and monitoring will become an operational imperative in the foreseeable future. Interoperability and manageability will prove to be a significant stimulus for cloud providers to exert greater influence in the enterprise cloud market moving forward.

Clear is back….welcome back!! Will it be Webvan next please?

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Death by PPnt

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Interesting thing happened the other day….

One of our sales execs was talking to a sales manager in another company and they asked our sales rep to “send the Powerpoint that you used to present to the customer”.

When our sales exec said that we didn’t use a PPnt, the sales manager didn’t believe him.

But…it’s true. Most of our meetings with customers do NOT involve Powerpoint.

Instead, we listen, we talk, we whiteboard and we show the product. It’s amazing how much time vendors spend getting the PPnt “just right” – whereas we spend that time getting the product just right.

Good advice for any customer looking at Mgmt software…ask the vendor to show up with the product not the PPnt – it will amaze you how many want to avoid that.

What a week

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Wow! Our team has had a fantastic week and it’s not over yet.

More service providers are coming on board. Two of which just this week are two of the largest/fastest growing SPs in the world.

Also, end user customers as well. Nimsoft is rocking and rolling. Customers LOVE our product, LOVE our support, LOVE our culture. This is a serious buzz seeing all this happen; particularly remembering the two people in the 10×10 office that we started with.

New employees, new customers, new products but…same culture, same quality, same vision.

And, best of all, it is our holiday party tonight – I’ll see all the California Nimsoft employees there. It’s going to be fun.