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New customers….and busy times

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Had a great week last week. We welcomed new customers in Malaysia and India as well as in the US and Europe….not sure if they are our first in those countries but our International expansion is moving forward well. This is something that we would never have been able to achieve as a stand-alone company….CA has enabled us to move Internationally faster than we could have ever thought possible.

We also announced that Sungard are using Nimsoft for their public Cloud that they are building….another one of many Service providers that recognize the unique advantages that we bring.

We are expecting another big week this week…working with many customers on some pretty major projects – it’s getting to that point of the quarter where everything seems to happen so rapidly.

Internally, the team continues to be built in a rapid yet quality manner; when I look through all the hiring that we’ve done over the last few months, it’s pretty incredible. We’re looking for additional office space in all our major locations at the moment.

We also made some big steps forward last week on a really, really, really exciting announcement that we will be making in April. Yes, sorry, got to wait nearly 4 months for this one, but I can assure you that it will be worth the wait.

This is such an interesting experience for me personally. I see every day how difficult it is to achieve what CA is doing by enabling Nimsoft to keep its independence; but I also see and hear every day from customers that absolutely love it and would not do business with us if it was another way. I wish I was better at capturing all of my experiences and writing them down – it would make a fascinating case study I think.