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All those Brits

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Congrats to all those Brits that seemed to win a disproportionate number of the big Oscars last night.

What with that, and the English beating the French at Rugby on Saturday, all in all a good weekend for my home land.

Long time…no post

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Had the kids off school this last week and then headed out for a few days relaxation with friends. Well needed because the next 6 weeks are crazy busy.

Not only do we have our major new product launch to get prepared for, but also we have our ww sales meeting in the first week of April, and we have to get all the organizational aspects, territory plans, commission plans etc sorted….and of course, all this is going on during our single busiest time of the year….the last month of the fiscal year.

Fortunately, we’ve got many more people on board to help plan and prepare these activities, so we’ll get through it just fine.

Also, I think that there are now more people working at Nimsoft that I do not know, than those I do know. So many new people on board, all of which need to understand the Nimsoft culture.

Saturday night at Justin Bieber movie

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

…say no more

I’m losing it…

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Was running so fast to get out of my house to catch a plane yesterday that I forgot:

a. Cufflinks

b. Belt

c. Coat (considering I am in Chicago, this is a big problem)

And, to top it all, I set my alarm this morning on my phone, remembering the 2 hour time difference but forgetting that the phone “auto-reset” the time. So, I got up 2 hours too early for my meeting.

Ugh. That will teach me trying to do too many conf calls right before leaving the house.


Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

It’s somewhat amusing to me that I hear a number of people refer to Nimsoft as a “mid-market” solution and hence they conclude that is not scalable.

What’s interesting to me about that, is that from our own tests and from customer tests, Nimsoft is one of, and possibly “the” most scalable monitoring solution available from anyone.

Big and complex does NOT equal scalable. Lightweight, extensible with our incredible bus architecture DOES equal scalable. Why do you think some of the largest hosting and cloud providers in the world have selected Nimsoft? Why do you think 2 of the world’s top investment banks have selected Nimsoft?

So, next time someone tells you that Nimsoft “cannot scale”, tell them that we’re ready and willing to do a “scalability shootout” with them at anytime and then sit back and watch. You will be amazed!

Interesting observation for entrepreneurs

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Someone sent me a paper recently that was authored by Columbia Business School, sponsored by Credit Suisse.

It was entitled “Life after an Exit – How Entrepreneurs Transition to the Next Stage”.

Actually it was a really interesting paper for me. I know that many people say things like “it was her baby….she is going to find it difficult letting it go” etc. But, I’ve been feeling more and more that really over-simplifies things. I would advise any entrepreneur that is considering selling their company to read the paper….email me for a copy if you like….it’s some great advice.

A small exceprt:

Every successful entrepreneur interviewed stated that building one’s company becomes one’s purpose, one’s prime community for relationships with people, and the main and most meaningful thing one does with one’s time. While building an enterprise, an entrepreneur creates the company’s values and purpose, controls the type of people hired, and controls the way time is structured. An entrepreneur in effect creates a utopia where one works with the people one wishes to work with on a purpose of one’s choosing and in a manner and time one chooses. Given the degree of control over such critical elements of life, an entrepreneur can be caught totally off guard by the scope of change triggered by the sale of a company.

That is what Nimsoft is….

Have we created a utopia? Well, not sure about utopia but I certainly love the people that we work with, love our values and our purpose and how we work together.