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Shock, horror – girls are now equal in British throne succession

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I’m sure most of the rest of the world finds this cute or twee, but the Royal family is still a big thing for many Brits (even us ex-pats).

Yesterday, the heads of all the commonwealth countries voted that in the future, girls will have an equal right to the throne as boys (imagine that!). Previously, the eldest son would inherit the throne (even if there was an older daughter) meaning that unless there were no sons, the daughter would not become queen (the current Queen did not have any brothers – hence why she is Queen).

And in another shocking move, they also removed the ban on the monarch being married to a….wait for it….a catholic! (Of course the monarch themselves still has to be Church of England given that they are the head of the CoE).

Wow….the Royal Family finally catching up just a little to the rest of world in terms of equality – thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have a great respect for history and tradition but I also believe that society progresses and traditions must progress with it.

Not so fast…Sprint!

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Well, voice performance is great but data performance is nothing short of horrible.

I did the Gizmodo speed test and I am getting average download speed of 373 kbps – that compares with ATT users getting an average of 2400 and Verizon users 1800.

It is so slow that most apps are virtually unusable….upload a pic to Facebook? No chance! Send email…as long as there is no attachment.

Now, here’s the rub. Sprint have a “14-day exchange plan” and my 14 days run out on Thursday. When I called their support, they readily accept and know that there are data speed issues…..but refused to extend the 14 day exchange window. So, what do I do? Hope that they fix it and then get stuck with it either way or bite the bullet and go to Verizon?

Oh, and one other small wrinkle, I cannot find an iPhone 4S with any other supplier until after the 14 day exchange period is over.

Although I did get a laugh last night when I saw the Sprint TV commercial….Unlimited data and No slowdown. Both are in fact true statements but….when you start way slower than anyone else it’s pretty pointless!

Thank you Sprint

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

12 hours in and so far my new Sprint iphone is working well. I actually can make calls from my house now…imagine that….a phone that actually works (sorry AT&T, Bay Area network coverage pretty bad).

Cannot figure out Siri, it doesn’t understand me – just like many people I imagine.

Looks like I will be traveling out of town for a little bit next week – got a lot of stuff going on.

Update on the great Apple upgrade at my house

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

What do I like best so far? AIRPLAY MIRRORING.

Super cool – anything on my iPad2 screen can be thrown onto my TV screens wirelessly (via Apple TV). Can now play a game on iPad and have on the TV screen – or using facetime or skype to do video conferencing – or anything. For business…think about showing up with just an iPad and being able to present and demo wireless to a big screen. Really? No more projectors and spending 10 minutes changing your resolutions so that it synchs properly?

iMessage also cool – automatically knows if the recipient is on iOS5 device and routes msg via iMessage.

iCloud – still playing with it….haven’t finished all the upgrades yet.

iMac1 – done, iMac2 – done, AppleTV – done (finally….the download told me 23 hours….but I did it again this morning and it was 3 minutes), MacBook1 – done, iPhone1 – done, iPhone2 (Jody’s) – ugh – keeps failing, iPads – done

iPhoto also needs an upgrade.

This is time-consuming but oh so worth it.

Anyone know any Apple provisioning tools?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Only kidding but I feel like a Sys Admin at the moment. Here is what I’m doing:

1. Upgraded my iPhone to iOS5

2. Moved my MobileMe account to iCloud (after backing up calendar and contacts)

3. Upgrading the iMac to new version of Lion to support iCloud

4. Upgrading iPad to iOS5

Left to do…

5. Upgrade two Macbooks and one more iMac

6. Upgrade two more iPads

7. Upgrade two more iPhones

And then….figure out how all this works. So far I have lost all my contacts and my calendar from my iPhone – I am thinking (hoping?) that this is just a temporary glitch while the rest of the devices are being upgraded.

Whoa…having 5 of us all using Apple products means a lot of work on a day like today….but of course it will all be worth it!

iPhone 4S

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

I ordered mine for Friday. Why am I willing to break my AT&T contract and pay the price? Because AT&T reception in the Bay Area is just awful. I get zero reception at my house….they even gave me a Microcell for use in my house but, if you are like me and like your phone to be “mobile” i.e. move more than 10 feet from the Microcell, then it is useless. If I drive from my house to San Francisco, I can guarantee that the call will drop at least 5 times on the freeway.

So why you ask, did I suffer AT&T when I could have used Verizon? Because, the Verizon iphone did not work internationally and I travel a lot.

BUT…the new iPhone 4S has CDMA/GSM so that Sprint and Verizon will work Internationally now. That for me was the killer feature.

I’ve decided to try Sprint, mainly because they also have the unlimited data plan and I use a lot of data. I hope that the service is good and also that they have international roaming partners (I also read this morning that they were going to unlock the GSM SIM so that I could buy any SIM and drop it in…..that would be cool… a UK SIM and drop it in when I travel to the UK.

Blog post from Telesmart Communications

Monday, October 10th, 2011

We used Telesmart at Nimsoft to help train our inside sales team and also to put in place some of the inside sales measurement and processes. Love their blog post today….see it here

Business heroes

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

I have a very short list of my “business heroes” – less than a handful. Individuals that I admire not just for what they achieved but also more importantly, how they achieved it and the positive impact that they have had. With Steve Jobs passing, that short list has become even shorter.

When I heard the news yesterday I was in a meeting with a Silicon Valley startup – and every single person in their office (about 25) was running a Mac. Personally I have been a Mac user since Steve first came back….I had one of those colored, wedge shaped eMacs and have never looked back.

It’s sad that he will not be around to see the culmination of his work but it’s really about his family right now – how sad that he has passed away so young.

What a brilliant and inspired life he lived.

Interesting news from ScienceLogic

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

ScienceLogic appoints former Tier1 Research director Antonio Piraino as CTO

Given Antonio’s background, knowledge and credibility with Service Providers….seems like that’s a key space for them.

Congrats to both Antonio and to ScienceLogic – nice move!

Golf and other stuff

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

My brother Mitch, after 9 years with Nimsoft and numerous sales rep of the year awards,  just left and decided to to visit with myself and the family this week.

Had a bunch of fun so far (unfortunately that means that I’ve not had much time for work) – going out with a bunch of the old crew tonight and generally catching up. Had a good game of golf today as well….we won by 1 skin after being down by 8 at one point.

Anyhow, he goes back to England tomorrow which means I’ll be able to start work again. Kept things moving forward but much slower than I would have liked.