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Catching up and looking forward

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Haven’t blogged/tweeted for a while. I’ve been busy sorting a lot of things out for myself and my family both personally and professionally, and now I’m ready to go. Here are some things that I’m looking forward to in the next few weeks.

1. I’ve in the final stages of interviewing with an early stage start-up that I am excited about. I’ve know about and watched this company for the last 9 months or so but the timing was not right. Now….I am hoping that I can conclude this quickly and get started….I’m ready to go back to work and am excited to do so.

2. I am determined to lose weight. During the time that I have not been working, even though one of my goals was to get fit, I’ve actually put weight on. What better time than New Year to start to eat better and exercise. I believe that I have at least 20 pounds to lose.

3. Just go back from a great trip to the UK with all the family. This was probably one of our best vacations yet – we got to see lots of family but also do lots of fun things. I’d really like to buy a house in England but London itself is so expensive and why would I want a house in the country and not in the city?

There are a number of other things going on right now for me and I’m feeling really positive about 2012.

But, on the other side, the European debt situation is a little freaky. The “solutions” that the leaders are putting together appear to be nothing more than kicking the can down the road. There are going to be some tough decisions ahead for Europe and 2012 could be a very interesting year. The UK I’m sure are very pleased that they are not part of the Euro because at least they get to control policies etc to reduce their debt but by the same token, the UK itself appears to have pretty major issues.

The situation over the last few years has effected many many people; ordinary people that have had their life savings wiped out because they were saved in Bank stock for instance. As part of my 2012 I will be ensuring that I use my own good fortune to help others.