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Big weeks

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Lots of lots of things happened last week in the life of Boundary as through my eyes.

New hire…. great new person joined to run our customer technical focus. He’s already overwhelmed with work.

Leadership meeting… the leadership team on the same page, finalized a project plan for launch. All realized that sleep is going to be a luxury between now and launch.

Dinner/drinks with a beta customer – listening to their challenges and insights. Will be doing many more of these in the future (what about that diet?)

2 meetings with potential partners – 1 small company and 1 ginormous company

Operating plan – finalized a 2 year operating plan for the company, presented the plan to all the company, got feedback and will be presenting to our investor on Monday

Met with multiple candidates for different positions including one in Scotland….that was a phone meeting :) – we have a number of openings that we’re trying to get filled

Lots of updates on the product….get together on Friday afternoons to see all the new stuff….very cool seeing things change and improve on a daily basis

And…my highlight of the week….I got my parking pass for San Francisco so I no longer have to argue with the security guard at Costco every morning “no honestly, the parking pass is in the mail”

Next week….investor presentations, updating the new board member, multiple more interviews, signing a new office lease and getting it ready for being occupied, new office manager joining (yeah!), 3 prospective customer meetings, 1 more partner meeting….oh, and of course delivering on my commitment for launch.