We are a "Start-up Innovator"

We just got word from the well respected analyst firm, The 451 Group, that Nimsoft has been selected as one of the dozen finalists for their “start-up innovator” award. This is something that we are very proud of because we know how many start-ups that the 451 talk to each year and we know their analysts have always shown themselves to be extremely intelligent and unbiased (unlike several other analyst firms).

As part of this award, I will be presenting at their Enterprise IT Innovation Summit which we are delighted to do, although I must admit it’s a little tough for me personally as it means that I will be away from home and my kids on Halloween (note to event planners…please don’t organize summits over important family dates please).

Anyhow, our business is doing great, we are signing up many, many new customers as usual in the last couple of weeks of the quarter including one particular customer/partner that has much broader industry implications (more about this later when I’m allowed to talk about it).

We’re off to Miami next week for our quarterly sales training…..

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