What we live by….

Over the weekend two surprising events happened in sports. The Patriots, the most dominant team in American Football over the last several seasons got thrashed by the worst team. For the Europeans, think about Manchester United getting beaten 5-0 by Leyton Orient.

Also, the highly fancied and stronger European Ryder cup team got well beaten by the Americans.

Interesting watching the post-match interviews….in both cases representatives of the losing teams made the same statement about the victors ?they wanted it more, simple as that!?

Lessons for us all…..winning takes many characteristics but most importantly it is about the will and the desire to win. That is why Nimsoft is such a tremendous company and why we beat competitors that, have far greater resources available to them.

The will to win is irresistible ? if you have it then you will win.

We LOVE our customers, their success with our product is personal for us, and our customers see, feel and witness that.

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