Sales recruiting open house – Campbell, CA – January 26th

Are you fed up working for that stuffy, slow moving, boring software vendor trying to sell products that have outlived their “sell by” date to customers who really don’t want to buy them? (Yep…we’ll fix that in the next release which is due….err….July 2012)

Or maybe you’re working for that small start-up, hoping that the funding will last long enough to…..get another round of funding. Wishing that you had access to quality resources and wishing that your company was not being run by an engineer that didn’t understand the value of sales.

Well…come join Nimsoft.

We are FUN (ask anyone that works here), we have products that customers LOVE (ask our customers), we are killing the competition (what competition?), our engineering team ROCKS (don’t bother them…they’re working), our support team gets constant praise from customers and we recruit and retain the BEST sales team in the business.

Significant expansion has meant that we have many available positions. Are you the BEST? Looking for a position that is challenging and will give you the opportunity to make beaucoup de bucks? Looking for somewhere that you can grow with the company.

Oh…and did I mention actually enjoying your work and having fun?

Come visit with us at our Sales Recruiting Reception next Wednesday, January 26th at 5pm in Campbell

More details and registration can be found by clicking this link.

Couple of suggestions:

Bring your “A” game and be prepared to smile….we’re a happy bunch! We won’t judge you on your resume, we want to learn about who you actually are.


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