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SunGard to introduce fully managed Enterprise Cloud
Enterprise and Mass-Market Hosting
by Agatha Poon
January 25, 2011
SunGard Availability Services (AS), a division of SunGard Data Systems, has just reached a significant milestone as the general availability of SunGard Enterprise Cloud is scheduled to be commercially available on January 31 after spending five months in private beta and another four months in controlled availability. SunGard’s latest foray (the managed service provider has made available private clouds running on dedicated VMware environments since 2008) into the multi-tenant Enterprise Cloud is an indication of the market evolution, one that began to get serious in the hosting industry during the past 18 months when a raft of hosting companies were under fire from investors and customers to provide new business models. Although SunGard’s core business is in the managed services arena, which is still a growth segment in the hosting industry, a tidal wave of cloud frenzy is rising fast and it’s hard to ignore.

For SunGard, providing Enterprise Cloud is an extension of its focus on managed services, a move that enables the delivery of elastic managed services on the fly while delivering on its promise of high availability enterprise applications. Not surprisingly, SunGard’s Enterprise Cloud is a fully managed multi-tenant enterprise cloud, customizable to support customer needs and architecturally engineered to run production workloads with built-in compliance and security mechanisms. SunGard’s cloud story is about managing cloud platform and cloud applications for customers. Learning by experience, enterprises still want to gain control within their virtualized cloud environment. SunGard teamed up with cloud monitoring specialist Nimsoft (which is now part of CA Technologies) in December 2010 to integrate Nimsoft’s Monitoring System (NMS) into its cloud platform and made the monitoring tool available to Enterprise Cloud customers as a holistic offering.

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