Sponsorship of local foundation – 19forlife

Big mention for local not for profit 19forlife.  You can see the details on their web site at www.19forlife.org

Yesterday, Nimsoft was one of the sponsors of their annual Bocce Ball tournament held right here in Los Gatos. Some of the Giants players were in attendance together with pitching coach, Dave Righetti and his family.

Took my kids along, they managed to get photos and autographs, but most importantly, Nimsoft contributed to this worthy cause. We have a program of sponsoring local organizations and not for profits – particularly when one of our employees or their family is somehow involved.

Oh…and the result of the Bocce….we were 2-2 but alas, did not make it through to the play offs. Not a bad result considering that most of the team were YouTubing “how to play Bocce” the night before :)

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