User conference and the economy

Let me do the good news first. Our user conference in New Orleans was a great success – we heard from multiple of our customers how they were using the Nimsoft products to achieve value, and many of those customers presented on the big stage – some managed service providers and some end users.

Thanks to all our US (and Japanese) customers that came and supported this event – now on to Amsterdam. (Someone suggested that we should link it to the Renaissance…cool idea.)

Now on to the economy….do we ever learn? Did you see the presentation from Sequoia CEO conference (happy to send you the links if you like). They are very, very concerned and have advised their portfolio companies to conserve cash, cut costs wherever possible.

Nimsoft is very well positioned given the strength of our business combined with the recent investment from Goldman Sachs but we also want to be conservative. We’re looking at “slowing down the growth” (we’ve actually been looking at this for a few months anyhow) and ensuring that we’re as efficient as we can be. I got my first email yesterday from someone who’s company has not managed to raise new money and are now in trouble…Nimsoft is well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities.

Finally, I saw this opening quote from the Gartner conference in Florida this week…

?A financial era is ending. This age of conspicuous consumption is over, and the age of conspicuous frugality starts now,? said Whit Andrews, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. ?The world has changed, and your role, as an IT leader must change as well.?

My only question is….where was I during the period of conspicuous consumption?

I thought that ended in 2000 – we have certainly never gone back there!

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