We made it!

Yes…we made it through the first year of our CA acquisition and overall I’d say that not only did we survive but we thrived.

We have doubled our headcount, increased our geographic reach, started to dominate certain markets (service providers…) and have had very little turnover of employees.

There have certainly been some challenges. Many of the things that we are doing are very new for CA and CA have had to adapt many existing ways in which they operate in order to support Nimsoft. But, for the most part they’ve been willing to listen, learn and make the necessary changes. I must say that I’ve been impressed.

Of course it helps (just a little!!!!) that we’ve had incredible executive support reflecting the vision of the executive team.

And…coming next….a major announcement at the start of April that will make people sit up and take notice. An announcement that will make people realize that Nimsoft is here to stay and is the future. In fact, for anyone that thinks that “it’s only a matter of time before CA fully integrate Nimsoft” – I think this will really signal the intentions to be very different from that.

But, we’ve got a quarter and a financial year to close before then and everyone is very focused in doing so.

Can’t wait to make the announcements…..amazing stuff.

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