Are you kidding me? Whatever dude….

I rarely comment on press posts, particularly when they include spin from companies that claim to be our competitors but actually that probably lay awake at night dreaming of how to be half the company that we are.

But…this one was just toooo funny. First, the full article is available here

It was published today on eChannelLine USA, authored by Mark Cox.

It contains comments that were attributed to the CEO of a company called uptime software. I believe that uptime provides monitoring software for small businesses. Look at these comments from their CEO:

“We were compared to Nimsoft the most, but they have pretty much disappeared in this space since CA Technologies bought them last year,” he said.”That has also left a lot of unhappy partners who used to work with Nimsoft, and that creates a real opportunity for us, because they can see a similar product in up.time….”

Some facts:

#1 When we analyze who customers evaluate as competitors to Nimsoft….this so called competitor never shows up anywhere near the top of the list, in fact I don’t think they are even in the top ten.

#2 Nimsoft has disappeared? We are signing more new logo customers than ever and continue to set new records for bookings performance. But, it is true that we see them less this year than in previous years – but our business is growing rapidly. Hmm….draw your own conclusion.

#3 A lot of unhappy partners that used to work with Nimsoft….really? I wish someone would name them because our customer and partner retention rates are excellent and we continue to sign an incredible number of new Service Provider partners.

Oh well….good luck out there. The world is littered with failed monitoring companies.

I understand that many companies would like to emulate the success of Nimsoft.

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