Novell and Managed Objects

Funny that this acquisition has really not garnered much press – bigger things happening in the world maybe.

But, someone asked me my opinion on this as it effects Nimsoft earlier, so I thought I’d share…

By the way, as with everything on this blog, it’s just an opinion – so please don’t get bent out of shape if I say something you disagree with.

I think that what Managed Objects deliver and what Nimsoft deliver is very different. MO do not do any data collection ? they are a presentation layer that sits on top of other monitoring products to bring things into a Business Service perspective. One of the issues with this approach is that it is very expensive (layering more cost on top of existing cost), very ?services heavy? – large amounts of services to implement and administer and all the customer transactions are ?big deals? – which come under more scrutiny and is more difficult to compete with the large incumbents. E.g. If I already use BMC for monitoring why not add BMC?s BSM solutions rather than going with another vendor? This is I think why Managed Objects has struggled to grow their business.

This is exactly why Nimsoft acquired Indicative. We recognize that customers want to drive budget reductions not budget increases, we recognize that yes, customers want to achieve BSM but they don?t want to spend millions of dollars in software and services to do so. We recognize that the reason that BSM has not gained greater adoption is that it is only the ?top few? that can afford it.

Nimsoft?s approach has been to start at the monitoring and data collection layer, making things simple and reducing cost. Then, moving up in to dashboards and Service Level Monitoring and then, with the Indicative acquisition, moving in to BSM. But….when we announce our BSM offering (early 2009), it will be an offering that will dramatically reduce the TCO of BSM solutions ? it will be a market changer in much the same way that NimBUS has changed the market for monitoring solutions.

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