We live in interesting times…

I read two separate articles over the weekend.

Article 1 – foreclosures higher than ever, new house sales lowest ever, housing market likely to put US economy into recession again, jobs not picking up….doom, gloom

Article 2 – It’s official…Silicon Valley is back in a bubble. VCs are investing huge amounts, valuations are through the roof, irrational exuberance has returned….the good times are back

Talk about a tale of two realities/perceptions….

Here is my anecdotal assessment:

#1 Yes, private company valuations are very high

#2 Yes, many companies that are being invested in probably do not have staying power but others will generate huge returns

#3 Yes, it is becoming very difficult to recruit people in Silicon Valley – tech people are in great demand

#4 Yes, I cannot sell my house so I rented it out instead

Weird huh?

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