Lack of action

Sorry for the lack of action on this blog. Been pretty tied up with (a) Deciding on our reaction to the economy (b) Getting through our first board meeting with our new investors (c) Traveling to New Orleans and then Amsterdam for our User Conferences and finally (d) Now I’m back in town, I’m sick!!

Anyhow….let’s talk….

Excitement….our new VP Americas starts next week, oh joy of joys. It’s a big name individual and another defection from what used to be a great company (Mercury) and is now HP Software. Cannot announce officially of course until next week but we are really excited to have him on board.

Economy….we’ve decided to watch our costs in some areas. This is not a reflection of actual business which has continued to be very strong (Q3 results announced soon, I promise!) but more a precautionary measure because of everything that all the analysts and experts are telling us. We’ve actually had a very good start to Q4, and the sales forecasts are really strong but, as I say, we cannot ignore all the advice that’s being given that spending will slow, it would be irresponsible of us to do so.

User Conferences…very well attended in both Europe and the US. Had Gartner presenting in the US and Forrester in Europe together with multiple customer presentations. Really interesting to listen to the online brokerage that presented, their business has “gone through the roof” over the last few weeks – they keep hitting new record trading days. It’s good to know that someone is doing well out of this mess and not just the bankruptcy lawyers.

Goldman Sachs – yes, we closed the investment at exactly the right time for Nimsoft before the market went completely mad and we are really, really pleased with the value that Goldman are already bringing to the table. This is a significant step for Nimsoft.

Also, a major analyst that uses Nimsoft for all their internal IT monitoring needs emailed me about how unbelievable our support was during a recent major event that they held. This is the best kind of present that I get – unsolicited emails singling out people or just praising the company on what we do for our customers. (I hope they tell their analysts!)

Talking of presents, my kids starting building their Christmas lists this week. Can you believe it…it’s October. My son wants an electronic keyboard, Spore, a MacBook, and the iTunes DJ software. My daughter wants a new guitar and TV in her room (preferably a High School Musical one – I went to see HSM3 this week).

Oh well, at least I know that they will change their minds a hundred times between now and Christmas and if they don’t, well dad will have to help them change.

Shall we talk about Cloud computing? Because everybody else is. Next time maybe.

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