Customers, customers, customers

Why don’t most companies care? They pretend they do but they don’t really because the CEO is not passionate about it.

I spoke to an ex-Amazon employee the other day and he was telling me how focused Jeff Bezos was about customer satisfaction. It needs to come from the CEO and be repeated all the time. If the rest of the company realizes how important it is to the CEO, then they will adopt the same attitude. Customers, customers, customers.

Let me show you an email I received this morning from a customer of Nimsoft….I have hundreds of these but this one I think wrapped it all up in a single email – these guys were customers for ours for nearly 8 years!


As much as I hate to see you leave Nimsoft (and I do!), I’m excited to see what you will excel at next, as I have no doubt you will do.

When you and Paul first visited us here at XXX back in January, 2003 (I still have the original e-mails!), I must say that I was a bit skeptical of installing software from a company named after a sneaker, but you delivered on your promises and then some, and Nimsoft soon became (and continues to be) a mission critical piece of our company’s IT toolbox. So much so in fact, that I’ve never hesitated in recommending Nimsoft to colleagues.  And as your company grew, evolved, and thankfully changed names, I was always greatly appreciative of your keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront of your business decisions.  I hope CA continues that model.

Perhaps you should branch out into the telecommunications or utility business and take your customer-centric vision to them? Imagine the positive revolution AT&T, PG&E, or Comcast would experience if they were to put their customers first the way you always did! My God, you could change the world!

Regardless of the direction life takes you, my hat is off to you, Gary! All the best in your new endeavors!

Hope you keep in touch.


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