Really cool walking the kids to school in the morning (but of course they want to walk on their own and not with dad….they don’t want me to be a “helicopter dad”….)

Met a company founder the other day of a really successful business. Was a great meeting and loads of potential.

Also met founder of a 6 person start up. Nothing like the passion and commitment of starting your own business. You can tell from meeting someone in 5 minutes whether they’ve got the commitment and work ethic that they need.

Starting to really enjoy my new life. A balance of business and personal. Actually got a game of golf tomorrow and another one next week. 2 games of golf in a week…been about 5 years since that happened.

Finally, going to the Goldman Sachs Cloud conference next week. That should be interesting listening to multiple cloud company CEOs present.

Oh and going to Champions League final at wembley in May. See my team play either Barcelona or Real Madrid. Could be a classic.

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