Had lunch with the man himself today (for those of you that don’t know, that would be Nimsoft’s ex-VP WW Sales Dixon).

What amazed me was that he was “dressed for the occasion”…there was I in shorts, sandals and a t-shirt and Dix in slacks and a jacket. The Englishman that’s become so Silicon Valley huh!

Anyhow, great lunch, great conversation both business and personal, I know that we’d both love to work together again if it works out but we did make an absolute commitment to get drunk together soon!

I made myself a “honey-do” list at the beginning of the week and so far I’ve managed to do….”none of the above”.

Tomorrow I’m at Goldman’s Cloud conference and then on Thursday I have four separate meetings. After that, I will be shopping with the missus on Friday….we’ve finally got to get our backyard furnished.

By the way, I cannot believe how much activity their is in Silicon Valley right now. Very exciting.

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