Some quick Nimsoft updates for everyone….

The quarter is progressing well. The economy is of course a little scary but so far we’re seeing business doing very well. A down economy is not necessarily a bad thing for Nimsoft given our focus on cost savings and value.

I took a look this week at our largest ten prospects this quarter, and 5 out of the 10 are big-4 replacement opportunities with 4 being HP replacements and 1 an IBM replacement.

HP have clearly taken the mantle as our #1 replaced vendor – customers tell us that they are very unhappy with the complexity of the product, their support is absolutely abysmal and customers are no longer willing to spend the kind of $$ on software and services.

Our new VP Sales is doing really well. Our “dream team” of two of the most senior Mercury Interactive sales leaders should position us really well for the future.

I’m on the road all next week (I don’t get thanksgiving), New York for a meeting with a large customer then London, Brussels and Amsterdam. I am meeting with 13 potential customers next week – that European sales team has me busy. But….there is nothing I’d rather be doing business wise than sitting in front of customers.

Special bonus for me, I get to spend Friday night back with my parents in England before returning to California next weekend.

I’ll blog from the road, would love to talk a little more about our Business Service Management plans for early in the New Year, our Cloud Computing plans (which we have a tremendous offering for) and a number of other things that are up our sleeves.

Off to try and find a birthday present for my lady now……she doesn’t understand the word “recession” :)

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