Hmm….jobs fill your day!

Had a great week last week, a good mix of personal as well as looking around for whatever the next hot opportunity is. Attended the Goldman Sachs Cloud conf on Wednesday and managed to catch up with many folks that I know. It was kind of amusing, a couple of VCs were on stage and asked “reasons that they decide to invest in a company”.

They both talked about the passion and commitment of the founder/CEO, how for that person it must extend beyond office time, they must love what they do. Funny….on my “time off” I was sitting at a Goldman cloud conference…..I guess I could be one of those people!

Huge congrats to Man Utd….love it! I have my flights booked to England for the Champions League Final, now all I need is a ticket (the original seller reneged on our deal because they got a better offer). So, anyone with 2 tickets to the Champions League final on the 28th….I’ll pay!

This week, doing many things around the house. It’s amazing how much stuff there is to do, “when you have time to do it”. All those things that I’d been putting off, I’m now doing.

Also, plenty more meetings this week. I am starting to think that I should get a season ticket at the Rosewood Hotel restaurant on Sand Hill….I am there once or twice every week.

Gotta go….walking the kids to school in a short while and oldest girl is still in bed!

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