So completely unproductive

I remember reading an article a couple of months ago that discussed what happened when entrepreneurs quit their jobs. The article described how they usually have long lists of things that they want to achieve (first on the list is always getting fit and losing weight).

But, when the reality strikes, what they really do is:

a) Chores around the house

b) Waste time on the computer

c) Eat unhealthily and don’t go to the gym

Hmm…sounds strikingly similar to myself. The article then also says that you must set an agenda for the week and stick to it…be as disciplined as you were when you were working.

But…inside of house is painted, furniture in main room has been swapped, finally got some outdoor furniture in place, getting the back yard sorted.

It’s really exhausting doing all these chores…you have to make phone calls, explain to people what you want and then write checks at the end of it.

No wonder I’ve got no energy left to work out!

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