London bound….

Tomorrow…I’m on that plane heading over to the home of the Champions League final. Trying to meet up with some people when I’m there – although as usual, I’m late in making arrangements…sorry!

Meeting a founder of a really fascinating company before I leave – I’m excited about the meeting just to hear about his vision.

Party happening at my house on June 11th – if you’ve not received an invite and want to come and help us have fun, please let me know. I’m still trying to sort out all those personal address books etc. so please don’t take it personally.

And my major achievement over the weekend….I managed to procure and hang on the wall a glass white board. I hear the sniggering already but, it was actually really difficult. I had to drill two of the holes twice because they were in the wrong location and even then, I sort of had to put the screws in at a weird angle to line up with the holes on the board. Fortunately Jody didn’t notice any of that – I managed to hide it all with the board.

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