Follow up to the HP pricing issue

The first thing that I would say about HP’s pricing is not just that it is unbelievably high, but that it is unbelievably complicated. I used to work for a CEO once that told me that “pricing had to be complicated so that customers did not understand it and therefore could not get the best deal”.

We, at Nimsoft, take the opposite approach…..count the number of servers, divide them into app servers, MS servers and file/print servers and, voila…..that’s the pricing. Easy to do business with is an understatement. Opex? Fine. Capex? Fine. We’ll work with you the way that YOUR business needs us to.

I have had a chance to talk to many both ex and current HP Software employees, and I’m still trying to find the person that actually understands their pricing (apparently there are at least 2 people worldwide that can explain the HP pricelist).

Nice headline from Joe over at MSPMentor…..

HP?s Double Migraine: Nimsoft and GroundWork Open Source
Posted November 25th, 2008 by Joe Panettieri

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