Truth, honesty….just be real folks

I had a great meeting yesterday with one of the most accomplished individuals in Silicon Valley. We talked about leadership and the difference between leadership and management. Hint: I am a lousy manager.

But…so many times I see individuals give a presentation or a speech to a group of their employees and, while the speech is undoubtedly very good….it lacks any kind of passion. Why? Because the speaker is effectively just a robot – reciting what they think they are supposed to say. Any number of people could be substituted into that slot and give the same speech.

I understand why more structured organizations have to be like that but that’s not me. Anyone that has ever worked with me, whether they liked my style or not, will know that I speak from the heart and I speak about what I believe in. I may not be the guy that prepares the most for a presentation, but part of that is because I pride myself of my deep knowledge of the subject area because, guess what, I like to spend a large percentage of my time talking to customers.

Not sure what this blog posting is about, just random musings while I’m relaxing on the couch, watching the baseball and about to crack another beer.

Why do people pretend to be something that they are not?

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