A long week but a good one

I’m exhausted. Need to get out of the office and get home. Put the Christmas tree up last weekend – and booked a few days in the mountains with the kids for early January. Back on the road again next week to Europe.

We are well and truly in to our end of quarter at the moment, which also happens to be our end of year – so doubly important. So far, things are gong well for the quarter – we’re happy with where we are at. A big law firm moved to Nimsoft after struggling with a larger vendor for the last year, a major network service provider also moved to Nimsoft, multiple more Managed Service Providers, a CableTV company and many, many others.

From the product perspective, we have moved MySQL probe in to GA status recently and we have a new release of our Service Delivery Portal in GA as well. Incidentally, I spoke to a potential customer today and they told me that “Your dashboards are the slickest thing that we have ever seen. The ease and ability to create custom dashboards for the different lines of business is amazing”. Nice hats off to the development team on that one.

Anyhow….we’re excited about our BSM strategy – I get to see the first versions next week I am told, we have a ton of stuff cooking on monitoring Cloud environments where we are already way ahead of the curve (more to do of course), and it’s just busy, busy, busy.

Sales kickoff in January to prepare for as well and I’m trying to decide whether to spend the money to do a new driveway on my home (exciting huh?).

Until next time….

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